Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Flora from the Farmers' Market................

Our Saturday jaunt into downtown included a visit to the 
State Farmers' Market - a huge complex of stalls, under cover 
but open-sided to allow the breeze to waft through drying 
the perspiring brow on a hot southern Summer's day.

I found the perfect flower stall. All flowers grown 
on a farm a couple of hours drive west of 
town.......being gently and lovingly arranged by a 
young, smiling coupleoriginally from Laos, into 
the type of bouquets I love, informal, loose, mixed, 
perfect colors.
Reminded me of the amazing flower stands on the 
streets in Thailand.
Do you enjoy cut flowers in your home?


  1. So lovely to see home grown flowers, and looking so pretty too.

  2. So pretty!! Yes, I do enjoy them very much! That reminds me getting some beautiful ones.
    Looking forward to seeing you dear! Love ~ Vanessa

  3. Beautiful! I love the dahlia's in your bouquet. Yes, I usually have some sort of flowers in my home. I would love to plant a cutting garden here.

  4. I can't wait for the dahlias to be ready here, as they make the most beautiful bouquets. Yes, I love a blowsy bunch of flowers on the kitchen table, or anywhere!

  5. What a beautiful bouquet of summer. Sunflowers really brighten a bouquet and a room.

  6. I love cut flowers - right now I have a beauty of a bouquet of Dahlias, cut just yesterday from a new friend's garden. At our first meeting she gave us, all from her gardens, freshly dug potatoes, green beans, cucumbers, parsley and peas - plus the flowers.

    Somehow I had lost all the blogs I was following on bloglines and I recognized your photo on another blog and was so happy to find it again. Now to catch up on the last 6 months that I have missed.

  7. Beautiful, Mary. I adore dahlias, but have not had luck growing my own.

  8. That is so so pretty and I just love the vase. I love fresh cut flowers in the house.

  9. I LOVE cut flowers in my home - in as many rooms as possible. When my own flowers are blooming, I fill vases with them. When we get home at the end of the week, I expect the dahlias will be in full force, along with cosmos and of course, beautiful hydrangeas.
    Your bouquet is lush and lovely.

  10. Oh yes, I love cut flowers in my home all year long. They come from my garden in the summer/blooming months and the market during the winter month. Love, love your bouquet.

  11. These are so lovely! I love fresh cut flowers whether they're from the garden or bought from a market. And have you noticed that when you have a beautiful bouquet in your house it makes you tidy everything else up too? I am a new follower and look forward to more wonderful posts from you!

  12. What a beautiful bouquet. The colors are so pretty together.
    I recently read about the family from Laos in the Charlotte Observer. So interesting.
    I do enjoy fresh flowers in my home and as I was reading your post I noticed that the bouquet on my kitchen table is past it's prime. Must see if I can remedy that today.

  13. I adore our State Farmer's Market. I could go every day and still enjoy all of the treasures.♥ Your flowers are beautiful, dear Mary, and I know they bring you joy.

  14. How beautiful! We have dismal farmer markets around here. I buy an bunch occasionally at the grocery store.


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