Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chazma River, Kamchatka...................

June 3, 2013
Kamchatka, Russia

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The ship repositioned, and around 4:00 PM, following a breezy but beautiful lunch on the Lido Deck, we were back into Zodiacs - me with dry socks and the boots dried somewhat after my attacking their linings with the hairdryer in my cabin (see former post!) - and headed up the Chazma River.

Chazma River with steaming hot springs in the distance....

...still a lot of frozen snow on the ground.

First sighting of a local bear - note the grandeur 
of the still heavily snow covered mountain range, and 
this was Kamchatka's early Summer.

Pic above via Paula ~ she of the big, long expensive lens!

We did manage to get in closer to the bear who just stared 
at us now and then while munching on his late lunch.

Nowhere in Siberia can such enormous brown bears be found, but they are very abundant in Kamchatka, home to the densest population of brown bears in the world. An adult male can weigh up to one ton and stand nine feet tall. They are somewhat comparable to the American grizzly bear, though not so aggressive and predatory, thankfully!

Once on land, we were surprised to find several 
dilapidated huts.....

Also, many of the Brits donned their very British swimming costumes (guess Paula and I HAVE been gone from Britain far too long), and braving the possibility of a bear showing up while partaking of the waters, took the plunge. Hats bikinis and Speedos off to them!!!

 Wild spotted Orchid

Meanwhile I did my usual foraging through the undergrowth capturing Nature's simple and elegant beauty.......

Much loved by all, the Dandelion 'clocks'

With the sun going down turning the water into dancing diamonds, and the steam rising to almost obliterate the little wooden huts, we returned to the waiting ship thrilled from the unexpected adventure............ready for dinner, and the evening recap which was full of laughs when the pics of the ardent swimmers and spa plungers were shared!


  1. Mary, what an amazing experience your travels provide. I feel so fortunate that I get to following along with your dialog and images. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us arm chair travelers.

  2. Amazing, the hot springs amongst all of the cold snow. That bear was quite majestic!

  3. Hot springs in the snow! How wonderful. I take it that you did not get into the water - love the pics of the area's flora.

    1. ....you're so right Lorrie, I conveniently 'forgot' my swimming costume and shorts, haha!
      It was much more fun watching the others..........and being ready to run if a bear made an appearance, BUT if I ever went back I would consider taking a quick dip perhaps.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Lovely to see the bears in their natural habitat - the British are crazy are they not? well some of them, I do not include myself of course.

  5. Hi Mary!!
    I am so happy to hear from you so I could pop on over. What beautiful images you captured and I am just loving all of your travels. You tell a good story along with the photos. I am so happy to hear you are still out and going strong. I knew you were from England, but I didn't realize you were from Devon! That is a location that my husband and I have fallen in love with so much lately and have a huge desire to visit sometime in the future! We have watched several documentaries on it and we are both convinced we were born in the wrong place and time. How lucky for you to have grown up in such a beautiful location. I am so glad you wrote so we could connect again. Stay safe and happy and I will visit again soon,

    Big hugs

  6. I just read this post and the one before, Mary. What beautiful scenery there. I love the white and browns of the snow, hills and grasses, and the bright green of the spring grass. Such a beautiful land. I can see why it's such an unusual tourist attraction. Thanks for sharing once again. Hugs, Pamela

  7. I'd think you might like to soak in the tubs! Of course, I'd be one of the people without a bathing suit (accidentally on purpose!). It all looks a little chilly to me. What fun you have on your adventures!

  8. The bear out in the wild is magnificent. I can only imagine. Amazing photographs. Love seeing everyone wading into the water. I can only imagine the rush.

  9. I love seeing the world through your eyes! You get much more daring as you get older and I get more fearful! lol! Beautiful pictures of the bear, he doesn't look perturbed at all to see people!


  10. Now this sounds like a perfect travel day: bears, hot tub soaks, flora, and sparkling water. Your food before you left for the adventure looks beautiful, at least what I see of the table they put on quite a show. Lovely!

  11. More fun under the Russian countryside sun! And that big bear is a handsome dude (or dudette, LOL)!


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