Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer pleasures........................

The eloquent, elegant, and always delightful Pamela Terry, designer, author, traveler, owner of magnificent Edward, and one of my favorite blogging friends, recently asked her readers "what were they enjoying this Summer day?"    
 You can visit and enjoy Pamela's always delicious posts here at From the House of Edward.

Yesterday I was able to spend one of my favorite kind 
of days, so here's what my response would be to 
Pamela's question.

A Summer day in my garden. It started early due to the building heat and humidity of a typical North Carolina morning. I pulled a muscle in my back (again!) last weekend so have been careful in what I do around the house and garden. Yesterday I was able to prune the now fried, then drowned, hydrangeas.......due to terrible weather here whilst I was away in the Pacific Northwest, then tidy up a bit after Bob mowed the lawn, water the pots and hanging baskets.........and my favorite bit, take photos of Nature's glory.

Click pics to enlarge ~

Who is he?
A grasshopper? A locust? I can't find him among 'green garden bugs' online. His yellow eyes and 'tail' should identify him - anyone else spied this one, or know who he is please?

Edited: Thanks so much to the anonymous reader who left a comment saying this is a Katydid! I checked online and it definitely is, and he is actually a she! I can't recall ever seeing one of these beautiful insects in the garden here previously.

What amazing camouflage! He certainly seemed happy on the hydrangeas, climbing rapidly from flower to leaf until he found a shady spot.

I also hosed out the gazebo.............removing spider webs, creepy crawlies, dust, and general detritus of outdoor living. Replaced the cushions stored in the potting shed whilst away, and added the white candles to the olive basket I mentioned in an earlier post. We enjoyed dinner out here in the evening, our first this Summer. We have foxes still, including a young one who stopped by to sniff around the grill after cooking veggie burgers, red peppers, and Halloumi (from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus) cheese make this interesting and tasty new salad now that cherries are in season.

Recipe from UK Country Living magazine - July 2013 issue

I checked the two fig trees, one shown above, and am amazed at the number of figs to be harvested later this year. I will be up to my eyeballs making figgy jam come early September. Note the presently empty bird feeder to keep birds and squirrels away from the figs - we'll fill it again post-harvest!

I decided the now spent pale green Hosta flowers were just too pretty to throw out with the yard waste being collected by the city truck yesterday morning. Cut them for the dining room table, a bit contemporary but I like the mix............

................and those no longer blue hydrangeas, already wearing their faded green Autumnal gowns, are still beautiful and ready to dry for arrangements, so I cut a bunch for the hearth.

May I continue with Pamela's thoughts and ask what you might be enjoying on this Summer day?


  1. In a couple of hours I'll be enjoying a walk along the waterfront with my Thursday walking friend. First there is some watering to be done. In the afternoon I'll be in the office, working through to 8 tonight. I look forward to the time when I'll have ALL day on a summer day!

  2. After my breakfast of yogurt and fresh cherries, I'm reading a few blogs. Soon I'll go out to my garden and do some watering - then up to my sewing room to finish a project I'm working on. This afternoon I'm going to visit my daughter and granddaughter, then grocery shopping and dinner on the grill. This evening I'll go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful flowers in the neighbourhood.

  3. I am beyond tickled that my words inspired you to compose such a lovely post.

  4. I had fresh cherries for breakfast this morning. Kent and I went for a walk around our neighborhood before lunch. Around 3PM today, if it doesn't rain, I am going to the farmers market in Flat Rock to get some local goat cheese for my roasted beet salad that we are having for dinner.

    I need to water my container plants before dinner too...

  5. Took an early morning walk with my sweet Sadie girl. The morning was cool and fresh after yesterday's wonderful downpour. The trees were still dripping as we walked along under their canopy. Then I left the house by 9 to travel to a near by town to visit my aunt who is 93 and lives alone. We had coffee, a slice of fresh blueberry pound cake, and a nice visit. Now back home, I'm relaxing with an iced tea, Sadie sleeping at my feet, and catching up with my friends in Blogville to enjoy delightful posts such as this. Thank you, Mary! ~ Sarah

  6. I was off to town this morning for an hour long massage. Oh my did I ever get a workout! My back is like a washboard according to my massage therapist. :( I do feel better though. I did some shopping, bought a fruit smoothie and came home. I was so tired I lay on the couch and had a little nap! It's too hot to do anything outside but thankful we had some rain showers last evening so didn't have to water. I have to return to town soon to pick up my hubby as he's carless today. And there's my day. Gone! I'm hoping he'll treat me to supper. :) Your garden gazebo looks like a lovely spot to dine. The green bug is a mystery but well camouflaged isn't it. I hope you have a lovely evening, Mary.

  7. Oh wow, Mary, fabulous shots of that green bug. I don't know what it is, but I am totally fascinated by his wonderful camouflage and yellow eyes.
    Your gazebo looks very enticing and I'm sure would be a lovely place to end the day with a chilled glass of vino and the candlelight peeking through your lovely olive bucket.
    The salad looks wonderful. Where did you find the cheese?
    I started my day with an early trip to the salon for a much needed hair cut and color, followed by errands and a late lunch. I did bring home a Starbucks frappuccino to help cool me off on this hot day.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. I think the insect is a katydid. I'll try to add a link:

    1. THANK YOU so very much.................after looking up Katydids online I can definitely agree that this is what I have in the garden! I've never seen one here before. I believe this is the female with her 'egg depositor', the appendage that looks like a tail!

      You were very kind to look this up for me and share the info.
      Sorry I don't know who you are?
      With thanks, Mary

  9. Your Katydid is beautiful. I am not sure I have seen one before.
    Today was a treat to go to the country and pick blueberries. I love knowing that this winter we will have them for salads and your wonderful muffin recipe. Loving the garden and sitting out there for lunch. The recipe sounds delicious and I just bought that magazine. Now I must run and make sure it is the July issue. Our fig tree is just beginning to get figs on it, so not sure yet if there will be enough for figgy jam, but I am hoping. Now shooooo little critters, leave my figs and grapes alone.

  10. This is a really nice post, I love your pictures, especially the bug.

  11. Amazing camouflage indeed, I only just spotted her in amongst those leaves, stunning shot!
    I really enjoyed peeking into your garden, lucky you to have those figs to enjoy, soon. Sadly, the birds are getting the best of our cherry crop this year, c'est la vie!


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