Monday, July 22, 2013

Kaminestaya Bay, Kamchatka....................

On the beautiful bright and sunny morning of June 3, Caledonian Sky approached its anchorage off Kamenistaya Bay for an expedition morning ashore. The Kronotsky State Nature Reserve (a World Heritage Site) was established in 1934 and is one of the oldest reserves in Russia. At the beginning of the warm weather the deserted shoreline comes to life. Hundreds of rapid steams and rivers run to the ocean, cascading over waterfalls on their way. The Reserve supports 27 species of animals from marmots to big-horned sheep, 212 species of birds, and more than 600 species of vegetation, all make this a nature lovers Eden.

Temp. High 6C/42F
Bright sunshine 
Gentle SE breeze

Click on pics to enlarge.
Heading ashore...................

Once ashore - which was a wet landing and 
yours truly ended up with water-filled boots when a 
wave hit as I swung myself out of the Zodiac, 
bad timing, - there were beach and birding walks, 
and a jaunt to the waterfall........ 

....this passenger, an accomplished watercolorist, 
always whipped out her sketch pad and palette and did 
some lovely paintings.....
...whereas Paula and I did the beach walk in the 
warm sun and took a ton of photographs, as always, 
hoping to be creative in our own way.

A really beautiful spot, unspoiled and pristine.

Back to the waiting ship, hoisting up the Zodiacs, raising the anchor.............then heading to the most enjoyable afternoon at the Chazma River......bring your swimsuits and bear repellent!


  1. Loved this! That photo with the wet feet says it all! :)

  2. It is just gorgeous here. Love the water fall and log house too.
    Wet feet wouldn't feel so good in the temperatures there.

  3. What a lovely place, and I hope it made up for the soggy landing, LOL.

  4. Unspoiled and pristine, indeed, Mary! What an adventure. Your photographs are just marvelous. I enlarged them, and WOW!! Thanks for sharing this trip.
    Cheers from muggy DC,


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