Saturday, July 27, 2013

The American Road Trip..............................

 Zipping down the highway, but really wanting to jump out 
and pick fruits and nuts.......the orchards 
of California are awesome, and a couple of weeks ago
 in early July they were at their peak.
Comfy in the rental car. GPS turned on, but I still 
enjoy the feel of the paper map unfolded in my lap. 
Sunglasses, reading glasses (map type is tiny), 
and small manageable camera at the ready.
Who knows what one will see on the road trip.
Leaving Lassen National Park overlooked by Mt. Lassen. 

We left California and were on the way to Portland, Oregon.
9 hours of majestic scenery along a fairly quiet highway.
Sun shining, very warm temperatures, thankful for a/c of course.
 Heading toward spectacular Mt. Shasta, California.
 Dancing beneath the mountains in McCloud, CA......what 
could be more lovely on a Summer evening. 
But more tarmac to cover - friends were waiting for us ahead.
 I want a mountain in my back garden!
Onward, miles of scenery such as this...........
 .......boring?  NEVER. Crossing the state line into Oregon the scenery still beautiful. 
Now and then something really different appears. 
If you can't stop to get close to a dragon, you can at 
least take a quick pic with that great little 
camera...........if you're fast and your driver 
Bob (or Tom, Dick or Harry!) slows down a wee bit! 
Mt. Hood in the distance. A billion pics snapped of 
that one, of course.
On we drove, passing many vintage cars from a motor show...........
 ........Mt. Hood following us - stunning.
 The American family on the road........recalling our 
trips (sans bikes) when the kids were young. 
We traveled every Summer by road, crisscrossing 
the country, trying to get that long list of 
states checked off. 
Yep, we've always been a traveling family and our 
road trips were many.

Always A FAVORITE THING........a fabulous road trip. 
The only way to really see America. 
Do you enjoy taking a trip by road? 
Do you have a favorite journey to share?

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  1. I went to McCloud some years ago when I was staying in Redding there is a lovely little quilt shop there I bought my ruler holder from there. Somewhere I have pictures I took on the dam as well. It was February when I was there, it was still quite warm even then.

  2. Beautiful must have been hard to choose which to post. I've always wanted to see Oregon, I'm looking forward to future posts!


  3. Your photos of the mountains are just stunning - thanks for sharing :-)

  4. I adore road trips!! My husband liked to drive and I like to ride.
    Smiles, Dottie

  5. I love road trips. One of my favourites is, of course, right across Canada. One year we drove from OKC to New Orleans, and that was a treat! One of my plans for retirement is a long road trip through some of the states we've not yet visited.

  6. What beautiful scenery. I grew up a road traveling family. Kent and I still drive to most places we go on the east coast. It is fun to see different states.
    p.s. thanks for voting for my recipe!

  7. Someday, I will see the West. :-) I know it's BeAuTifUL.

  8. Road trips are so fun and I recognize the scenery on this road trip. I have traveled here many times and seen the dragon too, but not sure I have slow down for a photo.

  9. Oh, those mountain shots! I've fond memories of road trips taken with my family as a child, and those I've taken with my "chef". Something very special about traveling together in a car. We talk of taking a road trip with Sadie. '-)

  10. We adore road trips! Oh, how I'd love to jump in the car right now and go, go, go! I have a little point and shoot, but I'm not happy with its sensor quality. I'm thinking about getting one of those nifty Sony mirrorless cameras later on this year when the new model comes out. I'd love to have a good little camera to carry around with me instead of a huge and heavy one.

  11. Mary, this sounds like a lovely trip! Awesome things you see on the road... or alongside. :) The west coast is one that I have not had a chance to explore but it is in my bucket list. Love the dragon! Too cute!



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