Wednesday, January 29, 2014

At long last..................snow!

It started falling at exactly 5:00 PM yesterday...............and here in Raleigh as we slept through a freezing night it continued lightly. This was the view as I looked down the street just after sunrise. We have to be satisfied with a measly 2" - you guys up north having kept most of it to yourselves! Of course snow in the south is always special - we've been hoping for some this season to give the kids a 'snow day' and help the garden.

It's always pretty from the window and as the morning has been non-stop sunshine the snow has melted a bit, but only a tiny bit due to below freezing temps., still just 22F now at 1:30 PM, and not going above freezing today, then plummeting back down to 9F overnight.

Our lawn became one with the curb and road.

Needless to say, cameras were at the ready in hopes of capturing some bird shots - they are so beautiful in the snow.
Male towhee and chickadee.

A new solitary bird who has been hopping about the front porch a lot recently........the pine siskin.

Yesterday afternoon our front lawn was covered in robins.............maybe fifty or more around 4:30 PM.
Earlier I had seen them on a neighboring street, picking their way through a garden, then apparently moving along to where still green grass was visible. Many neighbors here in the south grow summer grass which is brown through the winter months. Maybe worms had surfaced the day before when temps. hit 61F and it was like a spring day. Bob and I actually went walking and felt warm!

Several hardy robins have stayed around today, trying to get on the feeders.........this one sat for quite a while in the bare fig tree - leaves behind are on a maple, oak leaves still cling to the small tree we're growing from an acorn in front.

Off to gather more pics.......this may be our only snow this season. More later.


  1. Glad you have your snow:) Looks as though we may be joining you tonight, light snow is forecast and will be the first of the winter here. Restall the

  2. Hi Mary,

    Yes, we finally got snow in North Carolina, even our area, which has been bypassed for the past couple of years. I'm a native North Carolinian, and my husband and I live in the Piedmont/Triad area (Winston-Salem). I spotted your blog a few weeks ago, I think maybe on a link party and started following you. That sounds like I'm a stalker, doesn't it? :) I've been blogging at "House at Forest Manor" for about three years now. Anyway, I visited the U.K. with my husband back in 1999 when he was working on a project there for his employers at B/E Aerospace. They have a facility in Bedfordshire and in Northern Ireland. I had always wanted to go to England and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. I'm hoping to go back someday.

    I haven't had a chance to read about all your trips yet, but I look forward to doing so. Enjoy the snow while it lasts!

    All the best,


  3. You are so right... a southern snowfall is always special. It's been fun to see how you fared in your part of the state. Your photos are all gorgeous. How ever do you manage to capture such clear, close pictures of the birds? Is it a special lens? I have been enjoying the cardinals, woodpeckers, chickadees and tufted titmouse at my feeder today.
    It must have been exciting to see that large group of robins. My sister-in-law was telling me of a similar sighting in this area last week. I guess spring is in the air, contrary to what the landscape is currently showing.
    Enjoy the snow while it lasts. Ours is melting fast.

  4. Isn't it wonderful?! At least it is wonderful to those of us that don't have to go out on the roads. We got about 3 inches here and it is rapidly melting, despite the temperatures still in the 20s. The sunshine is making it disappear! Love the photos, sweetie. Enjoy!

  5. You got more than we did or at least around our house. South of Atlanta I believe they got more than north of it. I love the snow too, but it is going away fast though we too have not made it above freezing. Loved seeing all the birds you caught with your camera. They just look so pretty in the winter! Stay warm you two!
    Take care, Ulrike

  6. We so desperately need snow/rain/anything here- the lake will be so low this summer if we don't get some soon. Mar - you garden looks lovely and i'm so envious - send some our way P L E A S E. Love, P

  7. It started snowing here at 10AM yesterday and stopped about 5PM. Great minds think alike! I posted bird shots today too.

  8. We almost got some snow, missed it! So happy you got some in your area and you sure did get some beautiful shots! Your feathered friend photos are awesome!

  9. Lovely pictures Mary - it seems that nearly all of the States has snow now except perhaps Florida? Great pictures of your birds too.
    No snow here, but never say never.

  10. I'm happy that you got a bit of snow this winter, Mary, and took some photos. It always looks pretty with just a bit covering everything. I love the photo of the robin at the end of your post. We had a rather nice sunny, although cold, day here today with no wind. Now that I can handle! :)

  11. Snow is so beautiful when it comes rarely and for a little while.
    Your birds are beautiful! I have wished for a snow such as this
    one, but don't think we will get it. We did have a little rain today,
    which is very much needed. Hooray for moisture in winter.
    Hope the robins find warm places to hide until the worms come out again.

  12. Mary, I am jealous....we have had the very cold, but no snow. Meaning? We have been going to school with below freezing and colder temperatures. No playground for three weeks...maybe tomorrow. Enjoy your snow! Hugs!

  13. What a lovely day. Don't you just love the tiny Pine Siskin? One of my favorites.

  14. Dear Mary, I love your fat little birds. They are a happy lot. It's so nice of you to feed them, especially when snow covers the ground.


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