Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yesterday's altered image............................

This was yesterday morning. Awaking to the first fog 
of the still new year was a surprise - the garden had 
taken on a new perspective and things with color seemed 
to glow through the gloom. The feeder was empty...... 
birds hiding in the shrubs awaited breakfast.
All sounds were muffled in a grey world.

Later the sun popped out, the day brightened 
and became quite pleasant. Here on the front porch 
pretty things dangle to help keep the Winter days 
cheerful - the new and pretty painted birdhouse, 
a welcomed gift at Christmas from my neighbors.....

....and, if you're wondering about the still hanging, 
straggly rust-colored Boston ferns, there are two, go HERE.

An early arrival of the mail truck was unexpected, 
he usually leaves us until the very end of his route, 
arriving late afternoon. The box held something lovely for 
me which I'll share next time!


  1. What a beautiful way to greet the day! How sweet of you to leave out your fern plants for bird shelters.

  2. A lovely post, with a bit of that soft beauty that fog brings. Do your trees ever lose all their leaves? Or do the old ones fall off as the new ones emerge? Ours have been bare for a couple of months now.
    I like the grapevine ball on your porch, along with the birdhouse. Having pretty things to focus on in the winter is a good idea. Our front porch is currently non-existent, as it's being rebuilt. I'm looking forward to having a new, although small, space to decorate. Enjoy your quiet winter's day.

  3. We had snow flurries yesterday! Your porch looks lovely, even in the winter Mary.

  4. Well now you know that I just must know what is in that box!

  5. Dear Mary, I love that the Wrens have made the hanging basket their safe place. How charming and how nice of you to let them have a spot for the night.

  6. We still have some leaves on a couple of trees – the leaves are all brown though. Of course we have mostly pine trees, so those stay green. Your garden looks good, even in winter.

  7. Ooooo, that is nice to get something special in the mail today. Can't wait to see. It was very foggy here this morning but it stayed cloudy once it lifted, although it was above freezing.

  8. Isn't it amazing how some trees are slow to drop their leaves.
    Oh I remember the straggly plant and the reason.
    How exciting to get something special in the mail.
    xoxo m

  9. I am sure the wrens wake you every morning with a cheery thank you for their home!


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