Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sit a while.................

I'm frustrated, upset, mad and just plain fed up!!
My lovely best friend MacBook is in the 'hospital'. I've lost my 
entire iPhoto library on my hard drive - fortunately I'd downloaded 
all pics from travels, except the last big trip to Europe in October, on portable 
drives, phew, thank goodness I did that!
 I just have big problems trying to be a real blogger here on the iPad, so awkward and limited.
See y'all soon I hope, meanwhile I won't be posting, commenting or e-mailing for a while.
Decided to make myself useful doing some knitting, sewing felt animals, reading
books waiting in the stack on the nightstand, making soup etc.......... on these very frigid days.
I will stop by and read your posts. 
Hugs to you all dear readers and friends.


  1. Oh Mary! I am sorry to hear about your Mac. Hope it gets fixed soon. Enjoy your puttering!

  2. See if there is a cloud service you could join. It is like a giant hard drive. You put your stuff there and it stays no matter which computer you use anywhere in the world. SkyDrive is a free cloud. There are lots of others. You would even be able to write your blog from a cloud.

  3. Ack! I'm so sorry to hear this, Mary. How maddening and frustrating. Hope the treatments will help your Mac. Meanwhile, you are putting in your time well.

  4. Oh, you have to be hopping mad right now. Computers should NOT mess with our photos! I am so sorry that this happened to you. If you don't want to run a Time Machine backup, perhaps you should invest in cloud storage in case this ever happens again. I went through all of the heartache an panic last year of a computer crash, but my files were all safe on a external hard drive per the Time Machine function. It took a l-o-n-g time for the Apple geeks to fix it, but I still had to spend hours and hours rebuilding all of my programs and apps. Now I have the Time Machine set up to copy programs/apps too.

  5. Oh so sad~
    I will sit in that chair and wait.
    Computer issues are such a hard thing to deal with.
    Take care and enjoy some quiet time. Sending hugs, m

  6. How frustrating! No, don't try to blog from the iPad, though there is an app for that. I've peeked at it and am just not sure I have enough control using it. Take care,,we'll see you soon I am sure.

  7. Well what a pickle you are in, hope your friend is doing better soon, and all your computer woes come to an end. Enjoy your reading and cooking and relaxing.

  8. Oh dear... I'm sorry, I know how frustrating that feels! Miss you thou! :) Love ~ Vanessa

  9. Mary, that news makes me sad. Glad you had some backups. Makes me think I need to get all my photos backed up on zip drives. Hope you are back with us soon. Stay warm and enjoy the knitting and reading. '-)

  10. I opened my Mac one day and every photo was just gone. Had to buy a program to find them on my hard drive. Everyone keeps raving about Macs but I don't think I like them that much.

  11. Dear Mary
    I know exactly how you feel - the same thing happened to me when I returned from France last year....
    .... luckily my trusty techno guy managed to retrieve my files and photos from my dying laptop.

    I do recall you giving me words of comfort and telling me all about your Macbook Air. - do you remember?
    Hopefully your guy will waive his magic wand too.

    Missing you dear Mary - I always look forward to seeing your comments appear on my blog.
    Shane xox

  12. Will miss you dear Mary - hope all is well with MacBook soon.

  13. Dear Mary, Maybe all is not lost. It has happened to most of us. Your computer guru may be able to retrieve all of your photos. No doubt you have already spent too many hours trying to fix the problem. It is so frustrating, I know and I am not surprised that you want to take a little time away from blogging. But, we all look so forward to your posts. You are always so generous with your comments and I wish there was something I could do to help.
    I have signed up with Carbonite so that my material can be retrieved if I have inadvertantly removed it. It has saved me a couple of times.I'm looking forward to seeing you here soon. ox, Gina

  14. Oh how annoying ! bummer :(
    Hope it all gets sorted out quickly .. I am huddled in waiting for Spring.
    Not much going to be happening here ! besos, C

  15. Oh No! I'm sorry to hear that Mary. It's a good thing you back loaded most of your photos. I do it every week. I didn't know a Mac could 'break down'. Kind of scary as I have a MacBook Pro. Enjoy your time off. I'm sure you will be very productive until your Mac is repaired. You will be missed though. Hugs, Pamela

  16. That is about the only good thing when our computers go on the blink, we do things we have put off! Take Care!


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