Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dreaming in shades of blue.................

......and I thought an afternoon trying to pick a carpet color was hell. Now once again I'm back at paint stores, pulling paint chips from racks, even taking photos of photos of painted walls and gathering more chips, how ridiculous is that? No, don't answer please!

Hubby actually hugged me when he saw me getting up from the dining room floor which was looking like this on a recent afternoon.
He laughed, told me he loved how I was so diligent when it came to getting things right, picking what I really thought best and like the most.............and then announced that I certainly don't sit about wasting time, that I'm always "doing something".  Meanwhile I just hope and pray that I'm always going to be 'doing something', especially when I think about that subject we dislike discussing, aging! 

Anyway, this post was to address paint, as in picking a color and who will be slapping the lucky winner on the wall. One more tidbit on age, there comes a time when the person with the roller and brush is someone else, not you, and believe me it's worth every penny. Falling off ladders, destroying your already aching shoulders, and accidentally kicking over the bucket of paint as you fall off the ladder, can run into thousands of dollars in medical bills, whereas a reasonably good painter is more like hundreds, enough said.

The project in mind is just the small entry hall in the cottage. It's already dark as I had it painted in Charcoal a few years back. It feels all warm and welcoming, like being wrapped in a cozy wool blanket. My other rooms are light and bright with mostly off-white and cream walls and somehow it all works well together. Because the charcoal needs freshening up, it's a bit dusty and there are some scratches from daily wear and installing  new flooring, I'm thinking of repainting in a deep, dark blue. There are so many to choose from..........will hopefully find the right one soon.  

I've commandeered DH's iMac this morning to get this post that I started last week up - still awaiting news on my MacBook Air and whether the recovery of my photos has been successful. It was nothing to do with the Mac itself - a pretty little gremlin and her grandmother did something very silly while cleaning up - yes it was 100% our fault. We should have stayed in the kitchen that day, we were great at chopping and stirring, not so good at trying to be techies!!!!!


  1. Ah, decisions, decisions! I'm sure that whatever you pick will be stunning. And I agree wholeheartedly that there comes a time that it is much better to hire the work to be done. Painters usually give nice discounts this time of year, so don't wait too long in making your color selection!

  2. Dear Mary, I was perfectly willing to wait until you decided that you could join the blogging world again. But here you are and I am so glad. It's not easy to pick the right blue and then there is the job of getting the paint up on the wall. I haven't touched a paintbrush in years. It was all too much to paint an entire and new house.
    The more I listen to why you lost some of your photographs the more I am convinced that they are retrievable. Good luck. Gina.

  3. Oh dear! I can't what shade of blue you'll choose. I already love the dark charcoal wall and can only imagine how fabulous it will look in deep blue. That would be wonderful! Miss you! Have a nice weekend! xo Vanessa

  4. It is scary choosing the right shade of paint. Especially if you are not painting the wall yourself. I always get sample jars of paint and paint on the wall, instead of relying on the small paint chips.

    Hope you are able to recover your photos.

  5. I do hope IMac is recovered soon. Isn't it just so frustrating?
    I am loving the blues I am seeing. We will be heading to the paint store next week
    for our bedroom and kitchen. The kitchen will most likely stay the same colors, but
    the bedroom is going to change. I can never tell from those little swatch cards and we
    usually end up buying a small can to put on the wall just to see if it will work. Many times
    it has paid off, as we didn't like it once it was on the wall. So the ruminating and testing is
    always a good thing. Have fun ruminating, dreaming, and finally having it put on your wall with delight.

  6. Oh I empathize...selecting paint colors is my least favorite thing to do in all the world. I hang out at Houzz a lot because they feature beautiful rooms and then share paint brands and colors. All the best with it and what a darling your husband is!

  7. I hear what you are saying about getting help with some of the things that we used to do without thinking about it Mary. More and more we are relying on others. Good luck on finding the right color. Somehow I know that you will pick just the right one.

    Hugs, Penny

  8. Ah, Mary, this post is priceless to me! I also am rather obsessive about choosing the right shade for DH considers my process silly and tells me that there isn't a "right" color...I beg to differ! So glad that Bob appreciates your efforts. Have fun with it!

  9. Mary, glad to see you back posting. You are diligent, and I know without doubt that you will find the perfect shade that makes your heart sing. Beautiful inspiration photos.

  10. Selecting paint colours can be overwhelming. So much to consider - the lighting in the room at various seasons and times of day, the variations in shades. I'm looking for a new paint colour for our living room and it's tough. I want to make a decision I'll be happy with for a long time. Love the shades of blue you're considering. You'll find the right one.

  11. Mary, I am terrible with colours and my mood changes with the wind. My old cottage had so much paint on the walls I'm surprised it was able to take any more. Dare I ask, have you discovered Pinterest yet? So many ideas on there but so little time! I do hope your photos are retrievable, I am sure they will be and then you can breathe a sigh of relief.

  12. Hi Mary, hope you can find THE colour soon! I know what a puzzle it is - I'm still trying to decide how to decorate my dining room three years on!
    Sending {{hugs}}
    Rose H

  13. Mary, Blue is one of my favorite colors, but there are so many, many shades. I do hope your computer recuperates quickly and you are able to retrieve all your photos. Your've reminded me to download my own onto my flash drive. Enjoy your week. Hugs, Bonnie

  14. Miss Mary! I love your entry way and would love to see it BLUE! Blue is one of my favorite colors and I too have been trying to find the perfect blue fabric to use in my dining room at the new house. It is so hard when you don't have walls and your own items around you though to pick stuff.

  15. The blue sounds like it would go great with all of your walls. We must be on the same wave length except mine are the kitchen cabinets around 34 of them (or doors as I counted the knobs), and I have paint samples taped to the cabinets! That is a bummer about your computer, and hopefully they will be able to retrieve the photos. They can work wonders these days! Take Care!


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