Friday, January 17, 2014

Enriching our lives.............

.................with thanks to creative friends.

Yesterday the mail brought Summer color to the cottage from Gina.   

I introduced you to Gina back November when she taught us 
how to turn acorns into gold! 
Her life, in a stunning house in a Utah alfalfa field, 
is full of color and the beautiful art she creates.
I purchased a little bag of Gina's very own 
harvested hollyhock seeds to plant in my cottage 
garden. Being biennial I'll probably 
have to wait until Summer 2015 to see them 
grow and bloom, but I can be patient sometimes.

Gina also prints lovely pictures on small cotton bags. 
These have many hold trinkets and gifts, 
dried lavender and herbs, jewelry, and little 
personal treasures. 
There are many to choose from in her Etsy shop - 
I decided these were perfect for me.
If you haven't visited Gina's beautiful blog, ART & ALFALFA,
 I suggest you do - your dull, chilly Winter days will 
immediately become brighter. She has been writing about 
her recent travels to Europe for the holidays, and her 
busy creative life in a beautiful part of the USA.


  1. Dear Mary - the work that Gina creates is exquisite; Beautifully crafted and full of colour - bellissime opere d'arte

  2. Heading over to Gina's right now! Thanks Mary!

  3. Those are lovely little bags, Mary. I'm going to pop over and visit Gina's blog now. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Beautiful bags Mary. You always find the neatest things. Will visit Gina's blog. Thanks.

  5. The bags are so elegant with their architectural graphics. I will wander over to visit. I enjoy blogs with plenty of color!

  6. Mary, I've long admired Gina's beautiful work. I may need to order some hollyhock seeds. '-)

  7. Love the bags!
    You will so enjoy the hollyhocks in your garden.
    Such a lovely way to remember a friend. I have
    pink hollyhocks in my garden from a blog friend
    and think of her when I see them.

  8. I've visited this beautiful blog - you're so right!

  9. Gorgeous bags - Gina is so talented!
    I hope you're having a relaxed weekend dear Mary!
    Shane xox

  10. Dear Mary, How sweet of you to give me such lovely compliments. Thanks to you I have had many, many visitors to my blog and my Etsy shop. I thank you for your friendship and your support. ox, Gina

  11. Those are lovely! Oh, and I adore hollyhocks!

  12. Those are absolutely gorgeous! Hollyhocks are one of my favorites too.


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