Monday, January 27, 2014

Felt Christmas Ornament Linky Party......................

Hi friends, still awaiting news from the tech hospital regarding my laptop, meanwhile borrowing Bob's iMac to write and publish this post.

I committed to Dawn at her Creative Cain Cabin challenge to make two small nature inspired ornaments a month this year.......they can then be used next holiday season, or any time until then. Dawn's blog partner in this endeavor is my long time blog friend dear Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage. Each month Dawn and Claudia will provide the patterns and instructions for the ornaments and you have the entire month to produce them before linking to Dawn's Linky Party at the month's end. You don't have to be a perfect sewer, you can even use glue if you want, it's just a fun thing to create something easy and quick each month.
Without my laptop this past week I've been doing things I'd let being completing my entries here for this first month's challenge, the cuties being the owl and the bear.

I gave my bear a removable Valentine tie.

As I love owls I actually made two!
I stuffed mine with a little poly filler, also added a hanger.
Hope you join in............meanwhile head over to visit Dawn and Claudia to see how different our cute critters turned out.


  1. Your little felt critters are adorable. I made 2 of each as they were so much fun to make. It has been fun seeing all the different variations of the same pattern. Mine are here

  2. Oh my! Your bear's little claws are so adorable! Love your personal touches.

  3. Adorable! Yay for you, dear Mary. I love the way they turned out. The little Valentine's tie is the perfect touch. Thanks so much for joining in - we love having you be a part of it.


  4. I love your bears paws! And his Valentine tie. So cute!

  5. Those are cute little critter ornaments! Very whimsical!

  6. Those are adorable! Hope you get your Mac back soon.

  7. Perfect, they turned out great. I am so enjoying seeing all the different color choices you all come up with. I am so glad we are all so different, I am getting some great inspiration.

  8. How fun! Can't take on one more thing, but I will certainly be looking forward to seeing your ornaments each month.

  9. These are darling, Mary. I love that you puffed them up! Your tree is going to be wonderful this year if you keep up with this cute stuff! :)


  10. Adorable! They're so cute! Luna loves owls too. Love ~ Vanessa

  11. Your ornaments are darling! I'm having so much visiting and seeing everyone's. I love your bear claws and your removable valentine tie!

    Happy week to you!

  12. These are really cute Mary. I hope your computer is fixed soon but it looks like you are using your time doing other things. That's not always a bad thing. Have a wonderful week. Pamela

  13. Those are cute! I know myself too well to commit to anything like this though - already have as much as I can handle with history group stuff, gardening and knitting for grandchildren! Hope your computer gets better soon.

  14. Hello dear Mary
    LOve your felties - especially the owl - I collected them when I was first married - they were the rage back in the seventies!I
    I just might join in when things are a little quieter here!

    Mary, I would love you to come over and join my Giveaway - do come and have a peep dear!!
    Shane x

  15. Dear Mary, Charming little felties.. Most of all I love the backgrounds you have given them. Each one more interesting than the next. Shows how very creative you are. ox, Gina

  16. How cute! Thanks for the new blog to follow - something crafty that won't take weeks and weeks to finish. Hope your computer is better soon.

  17. What cuties! I know what you mean by letting things slide. I have had two old computers completely die, my dad's old/new is in the shop, and I have this laptop. I hope they won't go kaput too! I am going to have to look into doing those too, small enough I could get it done quickly, and yours are just too cute. Take Care!


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