Friday, January 10, 2014

Photo Challenge January - Shadow Play.................

A bit difficult finding photos for hostess Donna's 
challenge this month, due mainly to not having a lot 
available instantly here on my laptop since I cleaned up 
iPhoto, and no time to get outside and shoot new ones.
Excuses, excuses, sorry!

June 2012. This one I really like of my husband resting in 
the afternoon shadows at Ruckomechi safari camp in Zimbabwe
after the morning game drive.
The beautiful handcrafted fence, surrounding a small 
infinity swimming pool, created a pattern of crisp 
shadows and, although there were comfy rattan chaises, 
Bob chose the swinging hammock to catch forty winks.

Taken with my CANON EOS7D - TAMRON 18-270 Lens.
Tweaked with a little post-editing in iPhoto to sharpen 
the shadows.

November 2011. Oh yes, they're back! 
My favorite birds of all, the awesome penguins.
These are King penguins viewed close up while 
ashore on Australia's Macquarie Island 
in the sub-Antarctic.
Photo above I love. A sleek pair paddling just offshore 
in the icy waters, their wet feathers gleaming in the 
sunshine, and the shadow of the rear bird on the one in front. 
No editing done on this photo.

Another fully-molted, sleek King strutting the pristine beach. 
Changed to b/w, and sharpened a bit for more impact 
of the brightness of the waterline and his chest feathers, 
and the beautiful black shadow from toes to tip of beak.

Guess what, he had a shadowy walking partner too - go here 
to see them together leaving their prints in the sand - last 
pic in that post.
Go here if you want to view more penguins and their 
shadow pics from that wonderful trip - and 
read some very interesting penguin facts.

Penguin photos taken with my old trusty OLYMPUS SP-59OUZ, 
set on Beach and Snow Scene most likely.

today - sure to be some beautiful shadows and light photos 
from the great group of monthly participants. 
You can join us too - make it a New Year's resolution 
to work on your photo skills - Donna is a most generous 
and patient teacher.


  1. Love these photos Mary! The one of Bob in the fence shadow is interesting and the penguins are so cute. Great choices!

  2. Just delightful. I enjoyed seeing the're right! Who doesn't love a penguin? Your hubby is a fine looking fellow, too. That is a delightfully constructed fence. How interesting it would be in a garden.

  3. The photo of your husband with the lattice shadowing is really neat. The penguins are cute and I visited both of the links thanks, had no idea they moult.

  4. Thank you for your sweet compliments about helping folks out with their photography, and also for the photo challenge plug! The shadow patterns on your hubby are wild! That was a great choice from your journey photos. And who doesn't love penguins?! I know that I do, and those shadows add to the interest of the subject matter. These are wonderful, Miz Mary!

  5. Mary that one of your husband is pure fun, but how stunning is the second one of the shadow of a penguin reflected in his mate beside him. What a great catch!

  6. I love these pictures Mary. The one of Bob, reminds me of zebra prints....appropriate for Africa!

  7. I like that last photo of the penguin best. That composition that includes the whole shadow is what I was hoping to shoot for this challenge -- just swap the penguin out for my daughter. But she moves way too fast.

  8. Oh my! The first photo is many interesting shadows! You wonder if you'll wake up with an odd suntan! Love your King penguins too. What unusual animals and wonderful photos, perfect for the challenge! Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Now these are fun shadow photos, Mary. Shadow Play at its best.

  10. These are great choices, Mary. Bob looks comfy in all the shadows of that fence. The mottled shade almost acts like camouflage. And the penguins - so wonderful. The last photo with the stark shadow on the beach and his shadowed companion is really striking. Hope you are feeling better.

  11. Mary, I love that first shot, he is completely camouflaged! The texture is amazing!!

  12. The last shot is my favorite...besides the shadow, I love the textures and the black and white really enhances this, I think.

  13. Oh wonderful photos - I'm so impressed with the penguin photos - I had to go and check all of them out. You've traveled to some fabulous places.

  14. Love the first and last one. All of these are really nice. Great job!

  15. Oh those gorgeous penguins - fabulous subjects for this challenge.
    Their sweet little bodies cast such beautiful shadows.

    Hope you're feeling a little better dear Mary - R & R for you this weekend no gadding about!
    Shane XOX

  16. Hi Mary, great photographs, Love the shadows over your hubby and the penguins are cute. have a good weekend, Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  17. Very interesting shot of your husband on the hammock. Gives the shot vibrant texture that I love.

  18. I like your photos very much, Mary, especially the one of your husband, hiding in the shadows.

  19. Love your shadowy pics!
    Hope you are feeling back to normal.

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  21. The "no edits done on photo" quote says it All...Fabulous shots! And didn't edit the one of the penguins? I would do anything to be able to take shots like these...beautiful...

  22. Your photos are always great, and Bob looks like he is enjoying his time! Hugs to you both!


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