Monday, January 6, 2014

Singing the Deep Blues.........

This is part of an amazing room, in an unusual 
home in Australia, viewed in a magazine last year.
I've been drooling over pictures of the rooms, with 
many deep blues, since I became really interested in 
another Australian designer's books, two of which I 
purchased and page through constantly.
In both instances I fell for the colors, and the 
feeling of collecting and displaying things different from 
what I usually collect, more the flotsam and jetsam 
of life...........items from the 
natural order, especially from oceans and islands, think 
old, worn, tarnished, stone, wood, wings, feathers, paper, 
words, bones, shells, coral, sea glass, seeds, and much more. 
Nature in its rawness, beautified by the elements, as 
far from factory made as is possible.  
Perfectly imperfect comes to mind......and I like the 
thought of collecting more items such as those, with 
stories and memories.
They have definitely become interesting to me since 
spying objects like that on several of my expedition 
trips, washed up on cold stony shores, tucked into 
rocks, even tossed from passing ships, then aged and 
tarnished by the sea. 

I'm loving the deep hues of marine blue. 
I have a lot of French blue, grey blue, muted blue, 
faded blue, all mixed in with neutral greys, creams, 
whites etc., but nothing in these 'take your breath away' 
indigo, peacock, navy, ultramarine shades of blue.  

I love the walls here but know it's doubtful 
I could ever replicate them! 
Leather chair, not very likely to be found in that 
shade around here.
The old piece of furniture, well maybe.........with 
some layers of paint and a bit of rough sandpaper, 
I'm thinking about this possibility.
Glass bottles in that gorgeous blue may be lurking 
out there in the flea markets...on a warmer day I may 
start hunting.
As for walls, I'm considering re-painting/refreshing 
the current dark charcoal entry/hallway with a deep navy 
for a little lift of color.

Do you get the feeling that, although far from sad, 
I'm "singing the blues" these days?
Have you painted anything in a really deep, dark
gorgeous blue?


  1. Embrace the blues, Mary! When an idea, a colour, a feeling overwhelms you like this you can only GO for it! I once painted the panelling in a big, light-filled room. It was a wonderful marine blue. We lived, at that time, on the shores of Lake Ontario and I loved the blues of sky and water. I do hope you get to indulge this desire for blue!

  2. Funny, my latest Pottery Barn catalog arrived the other day with the cover celebrating Indigo Blue!! Are they on to something (well...they always are!)? I think deep blue would look impressive in your entry. I think we've all become too wary of color.

    Sending hugs and smiles across the miles (I didn't intend for that to rhyme!).


  3. Hello, blog hopping and found your beautiful blog.

    Nice post.

    Please visit mine too and feel free to add comments.


  4. A beautiful room to admire Mary. Blue is a beautiful colour to work with but be careful as some blues can make a room look quite cold. So, the deeper the better. x

  5. For several years we had our fireplace wall, which extends into the dining room, plus one adjoining wall (also in the dining room) painted a deep navy blue. I loved it but found, after a while, that I craved more light. But I love deep blues. Well, I love almost any blue. I would love to find a dark blue leather chair like the one in the photo. Such a great piece.

  6. Stick with your light colours. My friend painted her house dark colours, blue and maroon walls. Now she has shades of grey, although one or two walls are dark grey. Light colours take your gaze to the personal touches in a room. Dark colours feel like you are walking in a temporary fashion shoot.
    As we age the rods and cones in the eye require more light to achieve the same high level of vision. You are less likely to have a fall if you can see well. You are less likely to misplace things if you can easily see them. Stick with your present colour scheme. It is not only good enough, it is excellent.

  7. Oh, I don't know. I don't think I could live with dark walls or even furniture, at all. Living in a more northern climate I like my warm walls and decor. I do like the natural elements and the aqua touches in the top photo though and they'd definitely go with greys and creams. I found the comment above mine quite interesting regarding sight as we age. Hmmmm. Never thought of that before.

  8. Go for it Mary - the colour, very surprisingly, mixes well with many other colours, even the orange and the brown cushions.

  9. Do whatever feels right. I am trying to get away from blues that have been around in my decor all my adult life. They were the result of others' decorating choices more than my own. Of the lovely things you've shown, I am most drawn to the beautiful bottles.

  10. I'm a fan of light colors - and especially white - so many shades of white out there. It gives me a neutral background and I can do what I want with it - for the holidays it is red accents, winter brings out the dark greens and browns for centerpieces and decorations - and of course in spring the white really spiffs up the pastels. I have some friends with dark walls and for me, JMHO, it makes me feel crowded and lonely to be in a room with dark walls - but they love it. Each to her own. If you like the dark blues I say go for it - maybe one or two walls to start with - or go all out. I think we feel better when we are happy with our colors.

  11. Hi dear! First I want to thank you fr my lovely card! It was a very thoughtful surprise I got in the mail today. :) And, yes I have painted something in deep blue before and guess what? It ended up being covered in white paint in no time. I deep love for all things white is much too strong! lol Anyway, these rooms are just fabulous! I love all the tinted bottles, beautiful huh? Have a wonderful week! Love ~ Vanessa

  12. Oh my goodness! That room is gorgeous! I do love blue glass
    and when we go beach combing I always look for blue glass. I
    do have a very small collection of blue glass little bottles, but
    hadn't thought of painting a room blue. Our bedroom is dark gold
    and I want so much to change the color this winter, but more thinking
    of creamy tan.

  13. Mary, my heart sings at the thought of deep hues of blue. That inspiration photo is glorious. I say, embrace this new longing. You have exquisite style, and I'm certain you will find a way to bring this new obsession into your decor. One of our rooms is painted in an incredible faux finish of various shades of blue, and blue is prominent throughout our home. I'll be eager to see what you do. '-)

  14. I love the colors and if my ceilings were higher, I would definitely do a stronger shade of blue in a room or two. But this house is not the house for darker colors .. I want that wing back chair. besos

  15. Dear Mary, That wall is fabulous and would be so difficult to achieve. A solid blue would never do. If I were to pick a blue I would start with blue no.5. I would add gold leaf in large and small patches and then paint clorox onto the gold to let it melt and get the mottled look. Lively greens and yellows overlapping older patches is next. Use a large sponge and paint the sponge with different colors (do not dip sponge into colors) adding to areas here and there. Now stand back and admire your work.

    I have painted many dark walls and ceilings but my favorite is always a rich, Chinese red. Have fun and remember it's only paint.
    ox, Gina

  16. Hello Mary!
    I am in love with that room you showed - especially the wall and that old chair....very mesmerizing! I think your hallway would love a fresh coat of paint. Having painted for over 20 years now, may I suggest that if there is any natural light in the hallway, that you paint a good patch (at least 2' x 2') of the paint you are considering (at least TWO coats). Then live with that patch for a bit. Blues are funny that can easily look great on the paint strip sample, but once on a wall, in the home's light, it can suddenly look teal at night, or lavender in the morning, or maybe even black under the light bulbs, or even gray tint on rainy with the paint patch for a week or so will tell you if you are going to love it or not.

    It's funny you ask if us readers if we painted anything dark blue - well I happen to have a very vibrant "tealish-blue" little oil can amongst my collection of silver and gray oil tins. I have only one - round, and a little fat. It came with some other oil cans I bought a long time ago, and for some reason, I hang on to it, even though it doesn't "go" with a single thing I own....but I love it. In fact, it is right next to me as I type by the window in the back kitchen area.

    Thank you so much for sharing your adventures. I really admire you.
    Happy New Year!
    Big Hugs,

    1. Thanks so much for the great tips Elizabeth, all of which I'll consider. The hallway does get some light from front door which has a glass insert, and from the back door at the other end across the living room.......I also have two large mirrors on opposite walls which help to make it seem wider. Paint on there now is a very dark charcoal, almost black so I'm thinking a very dark navy blue would work too!
      You are special to me too - always so helpful and your creativity is unsurpassed.
      Thanks and big hugs - Mary

  17. Number 5 is seriously the color I may paint my new dining room when the house is ready in late spring!! IF Jason lets me paint anything. Otherwise I will have to settle for beautiful fabric!!

  18. I love blues especially the rich peacock, turquoise and indigo shades but I''ve never used them to decorate with. I suspect that in the often grey dull light of this country they wouldn't look quite right. I associate these colours more with the Mediterranean countries. I love that chair - beautiful shape and colour.

  19. Mary, you are always so on trend and remain so with this timely deep blue post! I share a love of blues - you will find me in denim most days - and have painted or wallpapered several rooms various shades of blue. I was leery of the deepest shades at first, but used (2011) Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue, HC-155 on the upper (down to chair rail) dining room walls and LOVED it. In our current home, am going for Ben Moore Van Deusen Blue, HC-156 in the master bedroom...can hardly wait for the painters to arrive next week! Go with your muse and try it! If you don't like it, you can always change's only paint, right?

  20. I do love the Tuscan blue color, turquoise, and indigo colors as I have been leaning more towards them with age!


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