Friday, May 9, 2014

Personal Photo Challenge for May ~ ~ ~ Color

I went looking through my travel photos for some vibrant color and of course I came up with 
the most colorful ones from places in Africa, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and 
Western Australia. 
It just seemed those particular countries were dripping with color, deep, rich, beautiful colors, 
in the landscapes, the clothing, even the everyday things such as signs.
Unable to showcase more than three, it was a hard decision, but I picked these, all taken with 
my Olympus SP-590UZ, set on auto most likely, and tweaked a bit with PicMonkey.

On the small island river village of Vaikom in Cochin, India

To see more village pics go HERE

On a main street in Mumbai, India - taken from the moving tour bus.

More of Mumbai (the old Bombay) HERE

Monks relaxing at a temple high on a mountain in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

More of the beautiful city of Chiang Mai HERE

Another great photo challenge for the month of May hosted by Donna of Cottage Days & Journeys.
Join us at her photography blog Personal Photo Challenge to see some great pics.


  1. Hello Mary,

    India is a country which calls to us time and time again and yet we have never visited. We do imagine it to be saturated with colour as your photographs show. One of our parents was born in India and so we feel a connection with its history.

  2. Haha...I see that you doctored Donna's sign. My first thought was "I want one!" =D

    Rich, vibrant, delicious colors for sure. It is interesting how some cultures experience color differently.

  3. Beautiful choices from some very colourful countries, Mary. I love the little girl's ruffled aqua dress. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Great choices for a color challenge! I think I'll run off and find some color to play along...

  5. Beautiful colors...great choice.

  6. Great pictures. I never pictured India as being so colorful. In the last picture, is the man on the left talking on a cellphone?? What a contrast that makes! Do monks talk on cell phones??

  7. It seems that other countries prefer colourful fabrics and patterns whereas we're pretty conservative in what we wear. My favourite is the colour the monks are wearing.
    I like how you fancied up the personal photo challenge button.

  8. The colors are magnificent. The last one reminds me of visiting a temple high on a mountain in Chiang Mai.
    Your photos bring back memories of past travels. Thanks!

  9. Such gorgeous saturated colour in your photos. I think the stronger tropical light enhances strong colours, don't you? They complement each other so well. Great photos.

  10. Você visitou o mundo das cores: Índia e Tailândia! Você realmente guardou estas cores na sua câmera!
    Um abraço!
    You visited the world of colors: India and Thailand! You really saved these colors in your camera!

  11. Mary, you have an excellent eye for drama. I love each of these. I don't know if drama is the right word. When I look at your pictures I feel like I'm there.

  12. India and Thailand certainly know how to do colour, and you've done a wonderful job capturing it. I wonder how our cities would look to the people in your photos? Are we bland and colourless, or are we so used to our own colours that they don't pop out at us?

  13. Great photos, I love the colour of the little girl's dress.

  14. I knew I could count on you to provide us some international flavor! The blue tones in the first and second photos are so vibrant. And who knew that monks wore orange robes? Not me! Thank you for participating once again, Miz Mary, and posting your fun travel photos.

  15. India and Thailand are certainly great choices of countries that love colour... wow. A photographer's paradise! Great photos Mary! Love that dress on the little girl- I bet she loves it too!

  16. That first photo is stunning! blue with gold such a classic combo!

  17. Hello Mary what perfectly beautiful shot for this challenge. You are such a world traveler you have a wonderful portfolio of good photos. Love the monks in their vibrant orange.

  18. They're all amazing Mary!
    The first is my fave - the vibrancy of the blue paint just leaps off the wall.
    I imagine colour enhances and beautifies their lives which otherwise are steeped in poverty.
    You have a great eye for telling stories with your lens dear Mary.
    Wishing you a Happy Mothers Day
    Shane x

  19. What a beautiful country to visit. I enjoy the "people" photos. Lovely colors for your challenge! Wishing you a HAPPY week ahead!


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