Sunday, May 25, 2014

Blogging with Blondie!

Jane, known to all as 'Blondie' from Blondie's Journals, and I have blogged and followed each other for many years. When she told me that she and 'The Husband' would be visiting Asheville again this Spring I was thrilled to think we could meet again for a second time. Then, the sad news came that they would be there when we were off on a trip overseas. There was no way we could drive west to the North Carolina mountains and be back in time to fly east to catch our boat! 
The good news followed later…they were driving to Asheville from Washington D.C. and would stop in several beautiful Virginia spots along the way, and then spend an overnight in Raleigh so that we could get together for dinner.

We are in disarray while preparing to venture forth on another Cunard 'Queen' very soon - more on that later! However, some quick cleaning, Jane you've no idea what got stuffed behind closet doors, fresh flowers from Trader Joe's, early Saturday morning baking and cream whipping, and we were prepared for a fun evening yesterday. 

Following dinner out - pic via the wait person - we came back to the cottage. Although dark, it was a perfect evening, warm and apparently mosquito free as we toured the garden a bit, then sat inside and chatted about all and sundry while enjoying dessert and coffee.
The time flew by much too quickly. We exchanged 'blog gifts'. The four of us get along famously. The husbands have much in common, and of course Jane and I found more than enough to chat about - bloggers were your ears burning? Don't worry we were nice!

Pic via Bob

My really beautiful gift from Jane - a wonderful 'teatime recipe book' with fabulous recipes from the world's best tearooms, with a classical music CD to play at teatime. I really love this - it has many of my favorite pieces of relaxing music - in fact I'm playing it now and it's breakfast time, and I may just play again at lunch time, and I've added it to my iTunes on the MacBook so I can travel with it too! Jane is great at choosing perfect gifts - thank you dear friend.

Enjoy the remainder of your trip Jane and A. Hug those Asheville gals for me please, and tell them I hope to catch up with them this Summer!


Tomorrow, being a busy day of celebration, I will not be posting here. 
Wishing each of you a great holiday, and please, in between the eating, drinking, 
fun with family and friends, remember the meaning of this very special day.


  1. Mary + Jane = two of my favorite bloggers!

  2. That must have been a lovely treat! You two are bloggers I'd like to meet - and who may cruise this way one day.
    Looking forward to learning more about your cruise.

  3. Gorgeous pictures, Mary. I had the pleasure of meeting some blog friends two years ago and because we are only an hour and a half away we have become good friends. Without blogging that never would have happened and I would have missed out on knowing these two wonderful ladies. Your home looks so beautiful and welcoming. Love your kitchen photos. Enjoy your day tomorrow. Deb

  4. It's always wonderful when things work out after all! Wonderful pictures of you all!

  5. oh we have bugs this time also so it was wonderful you were bug free for your blogger friends to walk in the garden.. Nice all of you hit it off . Amazing how the Lord works in new friends for us all.

    We got two sets of friends while walking where I live and we are all the best of friends and like 15 minutes by car. Both men hit it off. For us it has been five years or more. So I am as happy for you all . Have a great time. The gifts are so precious. Well picked for you. Your place is lovely and your friend is a pretty lady.. Look at those men so proud upright. Buddies alright. Nice to see. And you look so proud with your friend. Very nice.

  6. Two of my favorite blog friends! So nice that you two could meet up and share an evening. Happy travels, my friend!

  7. So glad you two were able to get together before your trip. We Asheville girls will miss you Mary when we get together this week with Jane. So anxious to hear about your trip. xo Penny

  8. Bloggers are such fun to meet in person - I'm glad you had a chance to get together at least for one evening.

  9. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    What a lovely post, Mary! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Have a wonderful week,

  10. Mary~

    You know already how much I enjoyed our evening...the highlight of our trip! You and Bob were so gracious and, well, I've said it all in our emails today.

    Much love to you and safe travels! The Penny's and I will miss you this week. Won't be the same...but many more good times in the future, I'm sure! :)

    Much love to you and Bob from me and A!


  11. How wonderful dear! Always lovely to meet blogging friends. I'm and always will be thankful we have met through blogland. Dear, your hair really looks great! I love it! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Love, Vanessa

  12. Hello Mary,

    What fun it is when bloggers of the world unite. We have just had the same kind of experience with our blogging chum Madelief in Rotterdam. So, were your ears burning too?!

    What generous and thoughtful gifts you received. Jane obviously knows you well. We are sure that the time would have simply flown by......but there is always the next time!

    Happy holiday.

  13. I love seeing favorite bloggers together! Lovely. I'm so happy you could manage to squeeze in a visit.

    When do you leave on your trip?

  14. We Ashville girls wish you would be here with us this week too! Sounds like you had a lovely time. Enjoy your trip. I am looking forward to hearing about it when you get back and seeing you later this summer!

  15. Hi Mary, it is so nice to meet you! Jane has told me about you and she gave me the name of your here I am! I am so glad you and your husband had a chance to meet up with Jane and her husband. Aren't blogger friends awesome? I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog and I will be adding your blog to my blog roll and following you. I hope that you will come to my blog and look through it a bit and get to know me better, too and hopefully become a follower! Have a wonderful trip.

  16. Happy Memorial Day to you and Bob!
    How fun to be able to spend some time with a blog friend.
    Her gifts were special for sure. It seems I have that CD somewhere,
    now must go find it. How exciting to also be headed on an adventure
    soon too. Can't wait to follow along with you and dream.

  17. By the way, I meant to say, saving time in a bottle seems such a fabulous idea as we grow older! :-) Wish it were possible!

    What a marvelous visit you had with a blogger friend! I'm so glad it all worked out! And what a lovely Memorial Day tribute. That's why our anniversary is on the 29th...we'd planned it for the 30th and that happened to fall on Memorial Day and the preacher said the church wouldn't be available (I guess people with keys were going out of town...we were using a different preacher to officiate, from my parent's church) so we had to change the date to the 29th. It is also one of our dearest friend's birthday's, who has passed on, who was a military man also, so it always means honoring him as well as every fallen veteran. God bless!

  18. It's so wonderful to meet with blog friends. I'm glad Jane accommodated you around your travels and that you had a great visit. I hope you've had a nice holiday today. xo Pam

  19. Looks like the four of you had a wonderful time!

  20. How fun! All my meetings with bloggers have resulted in the most wonderful friendships! Truly a blessing! So lovely to see you two together. Best wishes, Tammy

  21. So glad that the four of you had such a wonderful time together, I was thinking about you and wishing I could have been there, too!


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