Monday, May 19, 2014

……just window shopping on Sunday.

Late yesterday afternoon I picked Granddaughter Jasmin up from her wonderful weekend job at SuzAnna's Antiques.  
Again Susie and Jenny, thank you so much for teaching Jasmin about antiques and vintage beauty, 
and keeping her employed through her high school years - it means so much to us, and she loves working for you.

I had no real time to shop for myself yesterday, but did manage a quick whip around 
with the camera to bring you a few pics of the great items waiting for a home! 
Now, after an hour of gardening this morning, I'm off for a much-needed mani/pedi -
playing in the dirt much of the weekend is showing!


  1. Thanks for taking me window shopping with you!

  2. As always, after one of these posts, I find myself thinking 'one afternoon........just one afternoon at SuzAnna's.....and I'd be very happy'.


  3. Oh I think it would be such fun to work in an antiques store! (I spent my after school high school years in a grocery store. )

    You're going to have to wear socks and gardening gloves to maintain your investment. And that sign about picking weeds would be excellent.

  4. ohhhhh.... What a charming display of goodies!

  5. I love SuzAnna's antiques. David and I went there when we were visiting the kids in Cary. Maybe sometime you and I can go together when we are in the area.

  6. A great job for her to have. One I wouldn't mind doing myself. :) Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  7. Thanks for sharing the pictures of Suzanna's. I would love the old green metal lawn chair. To think I saw 2 of these a few years ago for sale and didn't get them!! The price was even reasonable for up here. :)

  8. Always love what I see at Suzanna's.
    Enjoy the mani/pedi. I think I will play in the garden
    this week then next week head to a hand/foot treatment too.
    Sounds wonderful!!!!

  9. I do know what you mean about playing in the dirt - it really does wreck the hands and nails - I think that I should treat myself too.
    It is no wonder that you invariable come home with goodies from Suzanna's Antiques.

  10. My nails have suffered from playing in the dirt. I need a mani soon. '-)
    Thanks for taking us along on the Sunday window shopping trip.

  11. Always fun to have a little look around - thanks for the tour.

  12. Hello Mary,

    Well, we could spend many happy hours browsing her. Your granddaughter is lucky to have such a job and one learns so much at the same time......not only about antiques, but customer relations!

    And, there is surely nothing nicer than treating yourself to a little pampering. But when your nails are polished perfect will you wish to risk weeding the borders again? Best to sink into a chair in the garden and read a good book!


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