Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A new day, a 'New Dawn' ~~~~~

Just a quickie post to celebrate the opening of the New Dawn climbers - they are so pretty 
and really light up the back fence.

The three old birdhouses look somewhat dilapidated now but I haven't the heart to take 
them down and throw them out ~ there's a nest in the yellow one, a tiny bird who isn't fussy
about needing a new roof or paint job, probably a wren or chickadee, haven't been able to catch 
a glimpse of who visits yet.

  My neighbor behind the fence has a Southern magnolia tree ~ it was tiny and quite tidy 
for several years after he planted it but has now grown into a monster. The leaves drop over 
the fence onto our garden causing quite a mess. As they say, "a garden is a job forever", so true.


  1. New Dawn is one of my favourite roses and she goes on and on.
    We have a fence like yours on our boundaries that I'm trying to cover.
    I saw this rose teamed with the most beautiful blue clematis on another blog just recently, which looked stunning.
    I will send you the link if you like.
    Your bird houses add such charm - and it seems they're booked out from season to season!!!
    I'm ordering Belinda this weekend after seeing yours!

  2. That is a beautiful rose and a terrific way to spruce up the fence. Sweet little birdhouses look all the more charming for being a bit shabby. I love that look!

  3. New Dawn is one of my favourites after Compassion, lovely flowers and great scent.


  4. I love your colourful bird houses. They are obviously a comfortable site for your birds with their nesting (they are clearly not bothered about the cat motif). Our fences are covered in roses and ivy at the moment, I am scared to trim them in case the fence comes down with them. Your roses are beautiful and I bet the scent is amazing. Have a wonderful week my friend. x

  5. Your roses are beautiful! Though I love the look of magnolias, they are a very messy tree.

  6. Yes the birdhouses could probably use a reno but they look charming just the same.
    I have absolutely no luck with roses. They need so much attention.
    Your fence looks lovely!!

  7. What a stunninig rose, I think I smell thier wonderful scent from here! I love your charming looking fence, just too cute!

  8. Hi Mary - I love those little bird-houses. Isn't it funny that the bird picks the one with the cat painted on it. Silly bird. Hope you do get a glimpse of the babes. Beautiful rose. Deb

  9. The birdhouses are cute and the roses are gorgeous. Such a soft delicate pink. xo Pam

  10. New Dawn is gorgeous, how I love pale pink roses.
    I like the birdhouses too. I would keep them a little longer.

  11. New Dawn is a lovely rose. It's a bit early here for roses but the buds are there so I'm looking forward to seeing and smelling them soon.

  12. New Dawn is on my wish list - just after "get new fence." Your pictures are beautiful, think I'll go weed the garden.

  13. Dear Mary, Please do not remove your birdhouses or refurbish them. They are wonderful and charming just as they are. Your aged rod iron trellis is a beautiful combination with your New Dawn Rose. ox, Gina

  14. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    I love the birdhouses. They add a touch of whimsy and color to your fence. I hope you don't take them down.
    As always, I love 'strolling' through your garden through your photos.
    Have a beautiful day, Mary!


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