Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Packing for a voyage………………

Early next week Bob and I will be flying east across the pond. 
In Southampton, England we'll board Cunard's 
Queen Victoria and sail away to the Baltic states and Russia.
New territory for me will be Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway,
and Germany, and a return visit to Russia with a two day visit to
  St. Petersburg. 
This means I will have sailed on three Cunard Line 'Queens' during 
the past fifty years.
The original Queen Mary (Transatlantic - New York to Southampton - 1964)
Queen Elizabeth (Singapore to Dubai - 2012)  
Queen Victoria (Southampton to Baltic States and Russia - 2014)

I wish I could have traversed the world during the Golden Age of ocean travel. 
The accoutrements of journeying included pretty suitcases and hatboxes, 
steamer trunks, sturdy leather Gladstone bags, butter-soft leather handbags. 
Fitted coats, silk blouses, high heeled 'court' shoes, seamed lisle stockings, 
a choker of real pearls, waved hair tucked under a soft mohair cloche hat, 
and delicate buttoned kidskin gloves, all were de rigueur.

In those days elegance was paramount as ladies boarded 
ocean liners to cross the pond or sail around the world.

Looking forward to a fabulous voyage and then a few days in England 
visiting Bath with friends, then catching up with family in London.

My packing? You would think it was second nature by now but still
I'm making lists, choices, and a huge mess in the guest room where 
clothing, footwear, accessories and toiletries cover every surface!

In the Golden Age of ocean travel maids and valets did all the packing,
didn't they? 


  1. Dear Mary, Wishing you a fabulous voyage. You will be passing my place of birth. A place along the Baltic Sea, a place that used to be known as "Das Kurische Haf". Then Germany, now Russia. Bon Voyage. ox, Gina

  2. Hello Mary:

    But how exciting all of this really is and we are certain that, even without a personal maid to prepare for you and accompany you, you will stand out as a picture of assured elegance in this modern age. And how splendid to have travelled on the original Queen Mary and also to have experienced the Queen Elizabeth II. We are sure that the Queen Victoria will live up to all expectations and continue the very high standards set by Cunard.

    Have the most wonderful holiday and post if at all possible! Bon voyage! Jó utat! xxx

  3. Another wonderful journey in the offing then Mary!
    Hope you have a truly spiffing time ;o)
    Sending {{Hugs}}
    Rose H

  4. Have a wonderful and safe trip, Mary. It all sounds so exciting and I am hoping you will share some photos on return. Hugs, Deb

  5. Ahhh....sounds like a fabulous voyage that you are taking. Looking forward to you sharing about it later.

  6. Oh you will have yourselves a blast I am sure. Enjoy it all...even the packing. Do you use one of those blogs that features what to pack for any given trip? I'm thinking traveling light would be great fun with an empty suitcase for bringing things back. All things you already do, I'm sure!

  7. Have a wonderful trip Mary. I am imagining you as Rose from the Titanic (but your ship will sail without a hitch). Enjoy your trip to the home country. Take care. xx

  8. I am so looking forward to following you on this trip. We missed you today.

  9. What a wonderful time you'll have Mary. Those are some of my favourite spots and I'd love to visit all of them again. I fear that if you had a steamer trunk more than a few of is would be trying to sneak in!

  10. Hi Mary, Wishing you and your husband a fabulous trip and adventure. Looking forward, as usual, to following your travels and seeing your stunning photographs.
    Blessings, Erin

  11. What an exciting trip - and I can't wait for all your glorious photos.

  12. I have seen all the places you have traveled on the side of your blog...amazing! I will live vicariously through you. :-) Can't wait to hear about your trip and see photos.

  13. Now where's that maid?
    You will do magnificently, I just know you will.
    A little black, comfy shoes, and away you go.
    Hugs and enjoy the new adventures.

  14. How special to have sailed on 3 "Queens". I should think it is a memorable experience.
    Yes, wouldn't it be nice to have a maid or valet to do all the packing. Like you, I make lists, put things out in a guest room, then fret over it for a time before actually getting the bag packed. Good luck! Your trip sounds fabulous! Travel safely and have a splendid time.

  15. Oh, I envy you so much right now and I can't wait for you travel journal and pics!!

  16. I know you two will have a wonderful time -- and I know you'll take plenty of photos to share! Very much looking forward to Richard and my honeymoon on the Allure of the Seas around the Caribbean islands... but it's still months away! I, too, often think about how wonderful traveling in the 20s and 30s must have been. Traveling was lavish and luxurious. Today is often seems stressful until you are finally in the midst of it and able to relax!

    Safe travels, and we'll get together when you two return! I will want to hear all about it

    PS - Thank you for the sweet card! :)

  17. I will be your maid on the trip!! ;)

    1. Sweetie, you're hired!!! And you'll fit right in over there with your gorgeous blonde hair!!

  18. I'd offer to pack and unpack for you, but I see that Jenny has already applied for the job. What a rich and wonderful part of the world you'll be sailing to. The Baltic States and Russia have always fascinated me - one day I hope that we can cruise the same part of the world. My daughter visited Estonia several years ago and found it immensely interesting.
    Ending the trip with a visit with family and friends in your home country sounds just perfect. Looking forward to following along as you post photos now and again (or even when you return).

  19. Hi Mary,

    What a journey you have ahead of you! It sounds very exciting and I'm sure you are anticipating all the fun and fabulous experiences you will have; yes, even packing! I've been to Bath and it is still one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Touring the Roman baths, having tea at the Pump Room Restaurant, dinner at Sally Lunn's, and admiring the gorgeous architecture of Royal Crescent, were some of the highlights of our trip, as well as simply wandering around my friend, Maria's, old neighbourhood, high above the city. Looking forward to following you on your travels!

    P.S.Any room in that suitcase for me?

    1. Wish I could pack you up and take you along Poppy! Yes, looking forward so much to seeing Bath for the first time ever even though it's so close to my English childhood home!

  20. Great excitement in your camp Mary!
    I'm visualising the guest room with your hat boxes, Gladstone bags and perhaps a Louis Vuitton Wardrobe Suitcase too!!
    I've enjoyed your previous 'travel clothes' posts Mary because despite what you say, I'm sure you've got this down to a fine art by now!

    What an incredible trip this will be to celebrate such a special anniversary for you and Bob!
    Bon Voyage
    Shane xox

  21. This sounds like a wonderful cruise Mary. Friends of ours did a similar one last summer but not on the Queen Victoria. They enjoyed it immensely. I just read your packing post too. It sounds like with your experience, you are all set to sail on to your adventure. Have a wonderful time and safe travels. I know you'll take some fabulous pictures. Blessings, Pamela xo

  22. Mary, you are going to love this cruise and I am going to love going there again with you!! I am looking forward to your photos and comments. The Baltic States are just a super place to visit and St. Petersburg, well, you know about it already. Apparently you are not going to Finland?.....another treasure.
    Safe travels.
    Farm Gal in VA


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