Tuesday, May 6, 2014

'Spring cleaning' in the garden…

This is a change, a garden post without flowers!
Yesterday I decided it was the perfect day to clean out the potting shed. 
It was cooler, cloudy, a nice breeze moved the shrubs gently, and 
the singing birds were loud and clear in the back garden.
There are many nesting birds around, several mommies sitting on eggs, 
dads keeping watch.
While DH mowed the grass I swept, dusted, zapped the spider webs, and organized 
the little shed I love so much. Did a little interior redesign, threw out assorted 
junk, and when finished decided to leave my old wicker chair out, fluff up the  
Ralph Lauren cushions - a steal from the thrift shop, now faded to perfection - and 
enjoy a late salad lunch break.

Because I'd put bird seed out earlier, I had company at lunch - many birds including 
black capped chickadees, towhees, nuthatches, cardinals, blue jays, Carolina wrens 
came to dine………

……a few even tested the waters of the new bird bath installed on Saturday.

My sweet Eastern chipmunk friend was back too. I still have only seen one at a
time - I wonder whether it's the same one or are there more?  I'm almost hoping there's
family tunneling under my garden - this is the time of year when there should be babies.
I really I love how they zip up the feeder pole, make their way around the bowl stuffing
the seeds into their cheek pouches, then slide down and run off to wherever their
store cupboard might be.

Little 'chippys' are so adorable…………

………these guys not quite as adorable, perhaps because there are so many of them 
living/nesting in the tall oak trees around our garden!  
The grey squirrels would eat us out of house and home if we indulged them. 
As you know, if you feed birds, the seed is very expensive and these seemingly
 always starving creatures can empty a feeder in no time flat!

They are also contortionists, and I have to admit watching them feast from all those
"squirrel-proof" feeders, is hilarious.

Meanwhile, the tiny birds, such as the black capped chickadee, await their turn for a
chance to nibble in between serenading us with their springtime melodies.
The garden is my favorite place. Sitting there in the old wicker chair on a close to
perfect afternoon after many hours of hard work, I realized yet again, it would be so
hard to have to leave and have to live somewhere else.


  1. Hello Mary,

    Your wicker Lloyd Loom chair looks wonderful. Delightfully shabby chic and, with its designer cushions, is surely the perfect spot for relaxing in the garden with a book.

    We love garden sheds as they are usually such intriguing places. People do get up to all sorts in them. But, they are best when they can be considered to be a garden bothy where one can make a cup of tea, shelter from any inclement weather and enjoy a cosy afternoon nap.

  2. Your garden is such a cozy spot that I hope that you don't have to fret about leaving it behind any time soon. Wonderful photos of your woodland creatures and I know what you mean about the squirrels!

  3. I love your old wicker chair. It's perfect for relaxing and viewing the activity in the garden.

  4. Sounds like a most enjoyable day and a most lovely spot to enjoy lunch. So glad you shared your little garden "friends" with us today. So cute... even that pesky squirrel. Love your new birdbath too.

  5. What a lovely garden you have created over the years Mary. It looks like the perfect spot to while away a summer day.

  6. That chipmunk looks so sweet with its pouches full. I would be sitting outside in a shady corner at the drop of a hat! Xx

  7. Mary, I love this post! What a beautiful spot. I love that wicker chair-just perfect!! I am not fond of the squirrels either! They have been digging holes beside my plants and eating the roots. They have killed have of one of my roses too! Chipmunks are cute, even though the eat alot of seed. I wish I had a garden shed, maybe some year! Enjoy the sunshine and your little black capped birdie friends :)!!

  8. How lovely to read of the goings-on in your garden. The feeling of satisfaction after a hard day's work is wonderful and the perfect time to just sit and enjoy it all.

  9. What a wonderful spring day. The chipmunk is so clever and so cute. Today we finally had some sunshine and in the early evening I was able to put up some geraniums and my new Snowball bush. We sat and ate our dinner on the deck and finally had to concede that 59 degrees was not warm enough to stay out very long. Maybe tomorrow will be warmer.

  10. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Love all the nature photos, Mary!
    I showed my little ones the photos of the 'busy life' in your garden . . . and they loved it :0)
    Thanks so much for sharing,

    1. You are such a lovely mom Suzanne - your little ones will grow up loving nature because you take time to share with them. I just wish you were close by and they could come sit in the garden and see all the creatures having fun!

      Hugs - Mary

  11. Hi Mary, your garden is perfect! Have you got a new blog banner? Just mentioning because its so pretty too! Hugs from England

  12. Oh Mary, I think that too when I think of moving into a condo. How we would miss our yards and gardens and the wild life there. We are discovering two nests of squirrels in our big tree and young squirrels chasing each other all over the tree. It is fun, but I agree they do love the bird food from those squirrel proof feeders. Ha!
    Love your flowers in the header. And l just love seeing the chair where I can picture you enjoy nature time and lunch time. Oh so peaceful!l The photo with the birdbath is lovely with the new birdbath and the little path that you can dream takes you to enchantment in the woods.

  13. Mary, it makes me smile to read about your garden and see these photos. ;-)

  14. Your garden is looking so wonderful Mary. Those pesky greys are so clever and always find a way to outwit the anti squirrel feeders but, aha he says, I have discovered a feeder that the blighters haven't conquered. It fits onto your window with suction cups. We have a neat Perspex bird house shaped version that the birds adore and the "Squizzers" haven't even given it a second glance!!!!

  15. I love the new header! That gazebo really is a lovely garden getaway...

    Those chipmunks crack me up -- reminds me of a hamster I had growing up, always stuffing his little cheek pockets with as much food as possible, only to "spit it up" somewhere for safe keeping. So cute!

    Can't wait to host you guys on Saturday, very excited for you to see the house (and the kitties!)

    xo Cassie

  16. A wonderful post...and such a lovely garden.

  17. You do have a little piece of paradise there, Mary. You have me thinking I need to buy a bird-bath for our residents. I love your photos and especially your header. It really is beautiful. Wicker belongs in a garden, I think. It really adds a touch of comfort. Deb


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