Monday, March 2, 2015

A miscellany of Winter. . . . . . . . .

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was 
in me an invincible summer.
~ Albert Camus ~

Those are words I thought would never apply to me. 
I have always loved winter, the cold air, the rain, the open landscape 
uncovered, see-through, beautiful in its bareness, even an occasional snow.
This winter has changed my mind. I long for some warmth, not hot and 
humid, just slightly warm to be able to go outside without slipping on
ice, dressed in fewer layers, and my feet without heavy boots.

Sharing my garden on cold, snowy, icy days these past couple of weeks.


  1. Magnificent photos of your feathered visitors & such a variety. What do you use to make your photos so sharp and varied for the way you post.I love it.
    Hoping you will have a snow free week.

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous Mary but I am happy to view them on the computer screen only - the snow has completely missed our corner of the world this winter. We are promised that very mild weather is on its way this week which I hope will filter over the pond to you too.

  3. Love the photo of all the cardinals in the tree -- it was hard to find them all! I thought there were 5, but now I see 6! Another yuck day today, I suppose... A day of laundry and vacuuming. Maybe some baking. Ha! A hot dryer and an oven -- anything to warm the house up! Hoping that this week is the last of the snow/ice/freezing cold so that we can get together soon. xx

  4. Dear Mary, It's been cold and dreary here but finally a bit of snow that is covering all the greyness. Love your charming bird photos. Some are post card worthy. ox, Gina

  5. Your photos are exquisite. Wishing you warm weather soon.

  6. I am with you Mary! I need some warmth. I am actually heading to Naples, Florida on Friday for a few days and I can't wait to walk on the beach! Your photos are beautiful. I mentioned you on my blog today with a link to you.

  7. Oh what beautiful bird photos - they seem to enjoy the offerings that you leave for them. I am wanting a bit warmer weather too - though we have had one of the mildest winters ever - a nice sit on the deck with a glass of iced tea would be grand.

  8. I am SO with you, Mary! Even though your photos are beautiful (the birds are so pretty), I can't wait until all this snow is gone and I can be outside, working in my gardens and enjoying time on my patio.

  9. Gorgeous! Almost makes me wish we had some snow. Your birds are beautiful. That last photo is especially card worthy, like a painting.

  10. More wonderful bird pictures. Today it was sunny but very windy and I saw fewer birds here. May the sun soon find you also. (I believe it is going to rain the next couple of days though.)
    Farm Gal in VA

  11. Hi Mary, oh my goodness, these photos are gorgeous. The one of the cardinals in the tree is amazing. I would hang that in my home. I am so anxious for spring, too,but just heard we will have freezing rain tomorrow. Sigh!

  12. Me too Mary! I'm surprised you still have snow there. What a lot of birds you have in your gardens though. So pretty. I just read that our area received 320cm. of snow this winter. That is 125.9 inches or 10 feet!! And we didn't have any melting thaw days like we usually experience. I'm shocked too. LOL We're heading back to the world of winter on Wednesday. I'll be missing my dear family so much and have to deal with the snow again. I hope it warms up there soon as that usually means it will warm up at home too. Hugs. Pam

  13. I couldn't agree more about warmer weather! The snow was lovely but now I anxiously await my poor flowers that have been so rudely shocked by this ice and snow- they were already poking through the ground so I'm praying they survive!

    1. …..and did you have some tree/shrub damage as we've had Jeannette? Just noticed our largest privet behind the gazebo is split open and will have to be removed, several other shrubs look really sad too. What a nightmare weather pattern the past two weeks - we have to get out for a good coffee and warm up soon, miss you!!
      Mary -

  14. So many beautiful friends visiting your garden! I used to love winter, too. Sigh! What a long, long one we've had. And more snow is coming. Stay warm. Cheers, L


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