Sunday, March 22, 2015

Springtime at SuzAnna's Antiques. . . . . . . . . . .

Yesterday, a cool and breezy but bright sunshiny day, I stopped by SuzAnna's Antiques 
when I was doing a late afternoon run for a few groceries from Trader Joe's. 
People were out - gals shopping diligently now the 'decorating gene' has been 
kick started with the better weather, a few husbands and boyfriends tagging along, 
such as mine - husband, not boyfriend of course! 
Kids were playing around the Vintage Village complex and all in all 
everyone seemed cheery now that Spring is here. 
Granddaughter Jasmin was working at SuzAnna's - her smile is always 
enough to make me happy - come rain or shine.

So I looked around, not for anything in particular as I have no pressing interior projects 
planned for Spring. The exterior such as porch, deck, gazebo and garden need mainly
manual labor and TLC rather than decoration this year - enough said on that daunting subject! 

Of course I took a few photos to share with you as many of you love antiquing, thrifting
and treasure hunting.

The Easter decor was arriving and there will be a lot more displayed this coming week.
I have my collection of white rabbits out of storage and will be playing with 
them soon.

These vintage extension rules I almost brought home!  Bob slapped my hand 
as I reached for them and told me I didn't need them. 
Of course I really don't, but they are so neat and reminded me of the one 
my parents used for measuring when I was growing up.

I do love the pair of lamps. I didn't read the tag so not sure of the style - classical, 
art deco? They are in great condition though and would be so attractive 
in the right room.

Lovely glass dessert bowls - makes one thinks of whipping up a fluffy mousse, 
or later churning some homemade ice cream - do you do that!

Hats? No, Easter bonnets!
Never thought of using a chandelier as a hat rack - how perfect. 
These were really pretty 'bonnets' and, as I love hats, I slapped my own hand 
before reaching for one. 
I really think the woven straw cloche is awesome - I can see Lady Mary
or Lady Edith wearing this one on a Spring day around the spectacular grounds 
of Downton Abbey. Do you agree? 
Do you wear hats?

That was a quick walk through SuzAnna's Antiques. Now the weather is warming 
I'll get back more often. The merchandise changes rapidly at this very popular 
venue - if you see something you like, don't wait because it will probably be 
at somebody's home later today.

If you're a 'treasure hunter' I hope you will enjoy some Spring days 
out and about at your favorite places soon.


  1. I don't wear hats but love the way they hung them in the shop. It is always nice to get a new perspective on things in the spring - a trip to the thrift shops or antique stores is always fun.

  2. I love hats, although I wear them for a purpose, something warm but stylish that I can pull on over my ears on a cold windy day in winter or in the summer when it's very hot. The cloche is lovely, but as you said for someone like lady Mary. I would wear the black one, with the up tuned wide brim. I find it fun to wander through brocante style stores, & usually come away with something I like but don't need.

  3. That was a lovely shopping trip and I didn't spend a penny ;-) Thank you!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  4. Mary, it is always a pleasure to tag along with you to SuzAnna's Antiques. Don't need anything here, but as you well know, it's the hunt that brings the joy and excitement. I'm off to Round Top Antiques the first week of April. That's always a fun venture. I agree the cloche is adorable, and one I could see on Mary or Edith. I'm sad that Season Six will be the last. I understand the cast and crew can't go on forever.
    Enjoy your spring weather. It is delightful here as well. ~ Sarah

  5. Mary, Loved the trip to the antique shop. I had to smile when I saw the dessert bowls as I have a taller version. They were my mothers. I believe she said peanut butter came in them. And, I loved the hats....I have been thinking about hats lately. Must be the arrival of spring. Enjoy the day! Bonnie

  6. You did well to resist so many lovely things Mary! xx

  7. SuzAnna not only has beautiful pieces...she arranges them in such a lovely way. You have so much restraint but I totally identify with wanting everything in tip top shape before we embellish.

    Many happy spring thoughts and wishes!


  8. How are you feeling? your health problems are under control? I hope so.

  9. Dear Mary, Oh my goodness. So many memories flooding back. I had forgotten about the extension rulers. My Father always had one nearby in his workshop.
    I love your shopping sprees and all of the great photos you share with us.

  10. I have a real craving for decorated glass just lately. Looking at this fabulous place I can really see me searching out a new collection in the summer. Those extension rulers remind me of Hubby's one that is 'somewhere' in the garage. I used to fiddle about with it. Have a great evening x

  11. I just love browsing. Thanks for taking us on that browsing walk. I enjoyed it.
    Now, Bob, isn't your boyfriend too? Smiling!

  12. I just went antiquing myself this past Saturday! Just wrote a post about it. Thanks for your virtual tour. I think hats are pretty, but I never wear them. I just don't look good in hats. How about you?

  13. Such pretty hats Mary, my eye is on the far one, navy or is it black straw with a white petersham band, I would wear it on summer picnics!
    Oh I would love to meet up with at SuzAnna's one Saturday and meet Jasmin too - what fun we could have!
    I would buy those glass dessert bowls and the tray!
    Thank you for your birthday wishes!
    Shane x

  14. Always enjoy window shopping with you at Susanna's, shame that I can't fit anything more into my suitcase this trip! If there was room the glass dessert bowls would be on their way home to Normandy with me.

  15. I have been to SuzAnna's while visiting our kids in Cary - love, love the place because of your recommendation. Would love to go with you some time. They certainly know how to style the merchandise and I'm sure Jasmin has something to do with that. Take care Mary. Look forward to seeing you in Asheville this year.

  16. Oh, gosh, girlfriend, thanks for taking me along shopping. :)
    Enjoyed your post very much. xoxo

  17. Such a fun outing! Those lamps really are smashing - so stylish with the lily of the valley flowers. And I love the camellia flower on top. Thanks for the tour, Mary. Hope you'll like my shop when you visit :)


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