Monday, March 16, 2015

Learning to share in bird land . . . . . . .

The beautiful Northern Flickers are still around and I was thrilled to get this shot of 
one with an Eastern Bluebird perched close by.
Later there was a bit of a skirmish at the suet feeder on the fig tree when the 
European Starling returned after a long absence, pushing and shoving the Flicker off. . . . . 
. . . . . but he waited whilst the Starling nibbled for a couple of minutes.
Waiting patiently for his turn - displaying his lovely golden yellow tail and 
under wing feathers, and the speckled pattern on his breast.
Above - Mrs. Northern Flicker
Here the pair are hanging out together, male on the suet, female 
close by - the only time I've actually seen them both together around the feeders.
I didn't even know she was there until I loaded the pic on the laptop!

If you're wondering about the rust colored leaves in March - we have a small oak 
tree which hasn't shed its leaves yet, and a still-with-leaves maple behind the fig. Once 
the new buds are formed they will both drop their leaves and we'll be raking again, but 
hopefully under a spring green canopy.


  1. I am jealous, your birds are super! I have sweet little tiny birds and some monstrously large Blue Jays and a Robin or two ... not to mention the Hawk that hovers some days and the ever present very noisy crows. I admit to disturbing the natural way of things by saving a little bitty bird from a hawk and I am not sorry. That is the bird story from my house .. NY .. buried in snow ... still.

  2. Gorgeous shots Mary! Isn't it funny how the oak hangs on to it's leaves all winter?

  3. I'm going to watch for the Flicker here. I've never seen one and would be thrilled to have them at my feeders. The photos today are spectacular, Mary. It's 8am here and I'm heading out to fill the feeders. Yesterday, they cleaned up everything as we had another snow storm. Today, it is warmer and dryer. Hope to get some photos. Enjoy your day, Hugs Deb

  4. Beautiful captures Mary! The flicker are such beautiful birds in their colouring aren't they. Starlings are such bullies. We haven't seen any around our feeders this winter. Have a lovely week. xx Pam

  5. I'm so jealous of your beautiful birds. your photos were fabulous. I know the Starling well from England , but here in France where I live we only have them now & again. We have a lot of Buzzards , not sure if that's why they don't hang around here.. That Flicker bird is a beauty.

  6. Your northern flickers are beautiful birds. I love the spotted pattern on the breast. From my upstairs window today I saw a hawk land in a pine tree but he flew off before I could get my camera out. Maybe I'll have to start packing the camera around the house like I do when I'm out for a walk. Or maybe not.

  7. The old leaves...those oak leaves do hang on...make a beautiful backdrop for the birds. Wonderful photography!

  8. Mary, another beautiful set of bird photos. I find it amazing that bluebirds come to your feeders. Here they will not eat from the feeders.
    Yesterday morning early I had a very unwelcome visitor (interloper) at one of my sunflower feeders. It looked like I had covered the feeder with a black cloth. I grabbed the binoculars and there was a racoon wrapped around the feeder just eating away. The very idea!! I raised the window and scared him away. Now I am bringing the feeders in at night. Occasionally I turn on the outside light at night and see a skunk on the ground under the feeders. I don't care for them either! That's wildlife in the country.
    Farm Gal in VA


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