Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Long Awaited Spring Day. . . . . . . . .

It was a lovely day - started cool and sunny, warming up enough by 
mid-afternoon for Bob to cut the grass for the first time this year.
Trees not yet showing much green, but blossoms are blowing 
gently in the breeze. 
I checked the azaleas but they are sad looking with few buds. 
Perhaps the usual Easter waves of bushes in typical southern 
gardens, smothered in pink, purple, red and white, 
will not happen this year after the frigid weather last month.

My heartfelt condolences go out to all the families and friends 
of the people who died in the terrible plane crash today in the 
French Alps. 


  1. Very lovely, as always, Mary. Your blog always looks like a classy, glossy magazine to me.

  2. Beautiful garden shots Mary. I did a similar post yesterday. We might have snow flurries on Saturday!!

  3. Lovely pics of your garden....here it's raining like hell!!! Anyway....thanks for the kind message on my blog. Always a pleasure hearing from you.

  4. Spring beauty. It all looks lovely Mary. Enjoy.

  5. The contrast between tragedy and Life As Normal never ceases to strike me. I suppose it shouldn't; but it does.

  6. The news of the plane crash is so very sad.
    Glad to read that spring is finally appearing in your corner. I do love the fragrance of newly mown grass.

  7. Thanks for the peeks of early spring there! Sadly my camellias will not flower this year. All the buds got zapped over the long, frigid winter. Cheers

  8. Yes, the plane crash is so sad.
    Your flowers are beautiful. I loved seeing that you also had a camellia.
    Freshly mowed grass in the Spring is so wonderful, the smell and the beauty.

  9. Gorgeous Mary, love your magnolia blossom.

  10. We've had light snow the last few days. Expecting to warm up again tomorrow and then temps in the 70's next week. That's life in the mountains! Enjoy your garden, Mary. xo ~ Nancy

  11. Things are shaping up nicely! The smell of newly mown grass is a heady aroma in spring.

  12. Beautiful flowers on a sad day.

  13. Beautiful spring photos...can't wait until everything is blooming here. It was only 36 degrees here today.

  14. Well Mary, we are actually warming up here. It is such a treat to see your garden already looking so pretty. It gives me hope. :) It will be awhile before we bring out the lawn-mower. We are all so saddened by the news. Terrible.

  15. Spring is looking very lovely in your garden, Mary. It is such a beautiful season here in NC with something new unfolding on a daily basis. I took a walk today and could smell the flowers in the air at one point. That coupled with the birdsong... pure bliss.
    This situation with the plane crash is horrifying and so very sad.

  16. Beautiful early spring photos, Mary! Cutting the grass for the first time this year...that definitely says spring has arrived! :-)

    I didn't get to your comment right away about my bird ID problem. The birds I was asking about were actually from when we lived in Texas (except for the black throated sparrow). I do have several bird ID books but I would have been hard-pressed on the sparrow, it's markings were so indistinct and I could never get a good shot, they flitted around so much! :-) I'm just not a very good birder. I did suspect the first on might be a Kingbird. Chris Rhorer, who lives here in Tucson where I do (Las Aventuras) bailed me out on both! :-)

    Yes, very tragic and sad about the plane crash. I really feel for the victim's families!


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