Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A small but beautiful tree. . . . . . . . . . .

Yesterday the official temperature reached 82F here in Raleigh ~ quite a 
hot pre-Spring day.
Being St. Patrick's Day there were many short sleeved Kelly green t-shirts visible ~
both on the street and the outdoor patios of restaurants and watering holes.
'Erin go Bragh' was heard on tongues not necessarily Irish. Seems we are all 
suddenly Irish on March 17.

The subject of this post is really my precious Tulip magnolia (Magnolia liliiflora)
which suddenly showed color in yesterday's sunshine. 
Petals burst through, and the fuzzy buds took on a beauty all their own. 
No longer the tiny shrub I planted a few years back, this baby is now a small tree. 
Native to southwest China ~ Sichuan and Yunnan ~ but cultivated for 
centuries elsewhere in China and Japan.
A deciduous small tree to about 12 feet tall, smaller than other magnolias, 
it blooms profusely in early Spring with large pink to purple showy flowers, 
before the leaf buds open. . . . and I love it.


  1. I was out yesterday shooting my tulip magnolias (macros), I didn't think of shooting them from this angle. These are gorgeous!!! Enjoy your day!

  2. Beautiful! I noticed yesterday that some of the trees were budding around here. Though tomorrow and Friday are going to be raining and chilly again.

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos! Love the color of those buds! Happy Spring!

  4. Such a pretty tree. We call them tulip trees out here in the Pacific Northwest - just doesn't seem possible that magnolias actually grow here - but they do. They are everywhere and in full bloom right now - some are well over 12 feet tall - and gorgeous.

  5. They are such beautiful trees. The one we have at work reaches the top of the first floor so we can see it as we go up the stairs, the buds are just starting to show colour so I hope the frost keeps at bay. Have a wonderful evening x

  6. Tulip Magnolias are so beautiful...yours looks like it's about to burst into full blooms in just a few days!

  7. That is a beautiful photo of the bud just ready to burst into it's beautiful glory. They really are pretty trees and such a welcome sight at this time of year. I planted a small one a few years back and look forward to it reaching it's full size.
    Wasn't the weather amazing yesterday? I guess we're supposed to drop again tomorrow which doesn't really bother me as I'm in no hurry for the hot and humid stuff.

  8. Can't wait to see all of the colorful plants in your garden come back to life this spring! So glad that you enjoyed the zucchini bread recipe -- I may make more next week, as I have 2 zucchini to use up! It's a nice little breakfast alongside coffee or afternoon snack with tea. Having a breakfast slice right now, in fact!! xx

  9. Beautiful images of your little tree that could!

  10. What amazing photos here...your garden will be in full bloom before much longer.

  11. It's so exciting to see trees and plants come to life after the winter. Love the unfolding beauty in your photos. The magnolias are blooming here - utterly delightful.

  12. Greetings, Mary! That bud is so beautiful, and what a gorgeous color. I think this might be what I've always called a tulip tree here . . . perhaps. Hope life is treating you well over on your side of the country. All's well here; still not blogging but now and then hankering to visit all my friends and say hello.


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