Thursday, March 26, 2015

Scones in a pinch. . . . . . . .

If you like freshly baked scones with your afternoon tea (and that's the way 
they should always be served, they're not so good when a day old!) 
 or even earlier in the day, perhaps for 'elevenses', that truly British 
mid-morning break when a nice cup of tea or coffee fills the gap between 
breakfast and lunch . . . . . . here's a suggestion.

Give Sticky Fingers a try - that cute little bag of ready-to-bake scone mix which comes
 in several flavors. These made recently were cranberry, delicious right out of the oven 
and drizzled with a little lemon icing I made. (Just confectioner's sugar and pure lemon 
juice mixed until smooth and the right consistency for drizzling). Split and buttered
they're even better.

As you can see I have a couple more flavors on hand for future teatimes - do stop 
by if in the neighborhood - when a bite into something quick and sweet from the 
oven is needed.
After kneading lightly, I usually pat my scone dough into a circle on a cookie sheet,
scoring it into eight wedges so that they pull apart and have softer edges,
preferring these to round scones. When time permits I make my own from scratch 
with fresh fruit such as strawberries. I love a savory version made with whole 
wheat flour, adding grated Cheddar cheese and scallions or black olives - 
the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of good homemade soup.

Have you hopped aboard the scone bandwagon? 
Do you have a favorite recipe to share?


  1. They look absolutely delicious. Scones can be so hit and miss but this looks like a guaranteed success! xx

  2. Too bad I have to stick to a gluten-free diet!! Anyway, usually I post a reminder on Twitter when I update my blog. I'm @tgra1961 there.

  3. I have never heard of this mix Mary. Your scones look delicious! I will have to find the mix as I don't always have time to make them from scratch. When I do, I love King Arthur's triple cinnamon scones.

  4. Richard and I picked up the Lemon Poppyseed mix a few weeks ago while we were perusing the shelves at World Market for a new doormat. (Found a lovely spring one that was unexpectedly on sale at the register! What a pleasant surprise!) I have yet to make the scones yet, but Richard informed me that he would occasionally buy Sticky Fingers scone mix for a quick batch of weekend scones... before he and I ever started dating! What a rather "refined" bachelor he was... Haha! xo

  5. I have always made scones from scratch but this is a great idea. I never iced mine either ! I would like one of these mixes. You know me, anything sweet :)

  6. I'd love to try these. Your photos have convinced me. :) Deb

  7. Dear Mary, Your scones look fabulous and no doubt they are super delicious. So like you to add the lace paper doily to make an especially beautiful presentation.

  8. I never bake any longer because I am along with only my 2 little doggies.
    And, I would be the one eating it all.
    But, you have tempted me !! This looks lovely and makes a point of sitting down to converse with people you love and care about. Do you think we are losing all this in our modern society? xx's

  9. They look so delicious. I will for the mix in Grocery Stores here. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love scones but rarely make them. Now a package mix would be wonderful to try. We don't have World Market here though. :( Yours look delicious and the drizzle of frosting is a nice touch.

  11. Your scones look so attractive. The icing and pretty doily take them up a notch.
    A great idea to keep a couple of these mixes on hand for spur of the moment visitors.
    I have tried the pumpkin variety and thought they were quite tasty.

  12. As a tea lady, yes I do love scones. I make my cream scones round and my fruit scones in wedges. Two favorite recipes. Many of them go in the freezer for delights on another day.

  13. I love scones but rarely make them, but when I do I certainly enjoy them. My favorite is with cranberries.

  14. I've made the strawberry. They are good. '-)
    Wish I had one this evening with a cup of tea.

  15. Those look great! What store do you find them in?

    1. Penny I always buy mine at World Market. If you don't have one nearby you can order them online I think from their website - Google 'Sticky Fingers'. . . . . if not I can send/bring you some! We're in DC now so it won't be this weekend, sorry.
      Mary X

  16. I'll be there in a bit! :-) I love scones...have since I had them in Ireland!


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