Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Magazine Swap . . . . . . . .

How's this for being spoiled!  
I took part in Lorrie's spring magazine swap recently and my partner 
was my long time blog friend Maggie who lives in Normandy, France. 
Maggie asked if I'd prefer a French or English magazine (we're both originally 
from the UK) and I immediately requested my favorite French publication
I used to have an annual subscription to this beautiful magazine and I may
just get one again - it has excellent photography, hardly any advertising,
 and although my French is pretty awful now, I can still read quite a lot 
of the articles.
Also in my parcel was the wonderful UK magazine HOMES & ANTIQUES.
I love this issue as there are interesting articles as well as pages of 
beautiful antiques and decor. I particularly enjoyed reading the history of 
antique pocket watches - the most expensive one ever auctioned sold for over 
twenty two million dollars - that is some timepiece.
Maggie's postcard of the French rooster painting is so pretty - and be assured the 
candies were yummy! Thanks for everything Maggie and for being a great 
blog friend all these years.

You can find the lovely Lorrie on Vancouver Island, Canada at her beautiful 
blog Fabric Paper Thread, always a joy to read. Thanks for organizing the 
swap Lorrie.

Maggie's fun blog is Normandy Life and she is currently visiting here 
in the US. We decided to mail our magazines to each other here rather 
than send them across the pond. I'm hoping Maggie will enjoy reading 
her magazines while enjoying the view from her beachfront condo.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day


  1. Sounds like a nice idea .swapping magazines. Campagne Decoration, is one of my favorite French magazines, I'm a hoarder of magazines. so have some English Country Living , dating back to when I came here 25 years ago. Love your new blog header.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. Hello Mary: Thanks for your comments. Yes, I am selling my house.....................why. Last year I met a wonderful man and we have been dating, vacationing and doing so many things together during the past 11 months. We live in separate homes which are a 45 minute drive from each other, and as we care deeply for each other the obvious decision was to move into one home. I live in a small bedroom community so there is not a lot going on in this area, no decent restaurants, shops or activities, everyone drives the 15kms to go to the city my friend, (Dave) lives in. My house is a small bungalow so less furniture etc. to dispose of, even though I have lived in it for 40 years. He house is larger, in a quiet area and I feel very comfortable when I am there. These things were the deciding factors for me to sell my house and move in with him. I am currently re-decorating several rooms in his house to my taste, I am taking some of my furniture, he is disposing of some of his.
    So as you can see I am going to be very busy.

  3. I'm so glad your magazines have arrived, Mary. Maggie is doing a double swap, so I'm anticipating a package from her soon, and have sent mine off to her in SC. While I'm waiting my monthly subscription to UK Country Living just arrived, so I'm well set for reading material.

    Have a lovely day,

  4. I love British magazines! In fact, I was at B&N yesterday looking through all the wonderful home and garden magazines, including several British ones. I much prefer the British edition of Country Living over the American version.

  5. Those look like fun magazines to browse through. How nice that you were both stateside to mail them off to each other.

  6. Lovely magazines. It was such a good swap!

  7. Wonderful magazines for a swap, Mary. I know Maggie is having a grand time relaxing with her beautiful seaside view, reading the magazines you sent her.


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