Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SuzAnna's ladies and treasures. . . . . .

I did get to SuzAnna's Antiques at the Vintage Village Saturday afternoon.  
I did not get a lot of pics to share as I spent too much time chatting!  
The girls working included blonde owner Susie, Courtney - now more red-haired 
than me, and my dark-haired granddaughter Jasmin. . . . . . making the tiny 
office/check-out area chock-full of beautiful women! I should have just taken 
a photo of them but forgot.

Also, Bob tagged along with me and, for once, actually picked up pieces of china, 
turned them over and read the marks to me. . . . . ."Mary, look at this one, do you like it, 
it was made in England". . . . . handing me a very pretty pink Mason's transferware bowl.
Yes I liked it, but since I no longer collect pink I made him put it down. Now, if blue or 
grey, I would have grabbed it from him, pulled out my cash, and it would be here on a 
shelf all freshly washed and shining, and being photographed to show you. 
Someone else will definitely love it and give it a new home I'm sure.

The entire weekend we enjoyed much better weather at long last, and 
it's continuing with temperatures reaching the low 70's each day. 
Shopping and treasure hunting is definitely on the upswing 
in these parts!


  1. It sounds like spring has arrived there already Mary. I hope it continues to be so lovely. I like the print of the young woman and the chippy green door with the glass doorknob behind it. The yellow topped canisters are pretty. Enjoy the day. Pam

  2. What a wonderful way to spend gorgeous spring days! I simply love this shop and I think it's great that Jasmin shares your love of all things old and well loved.

    Here's to more warm days and sunshine! :)

    Jane xx

  3. What a fun shop. I have that exact set of pine cone canisters, plus a cake safe and a bread box all to match.

  4. Ooh, that looks like a wonderful shop! I love shopping for vintage treasures. Your weather sounds perfect. We're getting little snippets of it here - low 50's the past few days and they're saying 67 for Monday. But March is just a teaser for us...then it's back down into the high 30's.

  5. You captured some wonderful treasures...yes, would have loved to seen the beautiful women - but I can almost hear all of you laughing and carrying on. Your husband sounds cute - don't you love it when they try to be a part of our lives? You look so great and sound like you are really enjoying life. So happy for you. Thanks for visiting me on my site - always, ALWAYS makes me smile when I see your name!

    Big hug

  6. Wonderful shots! I enjoy trawling through places like this occasionally, but rarely have the time to do it.

  7. I got back home last night to light rain and low 60's. Looks like spring is arriving here at last, fingers crossed. Beautiful photos.

  8. So glad the weather is improving in NC. Our kids in Cary moved to a new home and I know they appreciated the good weather. You must have loved your trip to SuzAnna's. What an inspiration that place is!


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