Thursday, March 5, 2015

What has happened to southern weather?

Yesterday was crazy. A foggy start and then the temperature 
shot up to 76F by mid-afternoon.  A one day heatwave!

This morning I've moved my flowers into the kitchen. Why?
Because I plan to spend a few hours here. Will enjoy them while 
cooking some comfort foods in readiness for yet another storm.
Yes, we're in the path of cold front which could bring a wintry mix of 
sleet and freezing rain later as the temperature will drop below 
freezing by mid-afternoon - my heart goes out to the evening commuters.

What a winter! I don't think I recall one this long, this cold, this 
miserable in the almost 38 years I've lived here in the southeast.
Perhaps 'south' needs to be dropped - it sure doesn't feel or look
southern around here lately.


  1. Good mornin', Mary -Your photos are beautiful this morning. I adore your white cupboard and you have convinced me to purchase a bouquet of spring flowers today. Spring is on the way. Deb

  2. Terrible when it changes like that and folks have to drive home after work in it. We are starting our warm up here and it will only get hotter but still pleasant for now so gotta enjoy it while we can. Sending warm wishes, Tammy

  3. I am suppose to go get a pedicure at 3PM today, because tomorrow we are heading to Florida for a few days. Hope the weather misses us! I need to make my toes look flip flop ready! Stay warm.

  4. While folks in your part of the world wonder what has happened to spring-like weather, folks in my part of the world wonder what happened to winter! Skiers are bereft.

  5. I have discovered why I hate winter so. After all kinds of horrid weather, the sun came out today and that has made all the difference.

  6. Spring is coming. It really is and we will LOVE it when it gets here! I'd prefer to get all of the cold stuff out of the way first so we don't have to swing back and forth between the seasons. I hate it when the buds get frozen. We got the rain, sleet and some freezing rain, but the snow seems to have passed us by. I hope I haven't spoken too soon! Hang in there and thanks for blogging.
    Farm Gal in SW VA

  7. I am stunned by this weather, too! So all over the place! Poor Richard worked last night and into the early hours of the morning... he didn't get in bed until after 3:30am. He was able to sleep in, but has returned to work for another late night. I've got a RedBox movie and a bottle of red wine to keep me company tonight. And the kitties, of course! I'll be doing some cooking as well, trying out a slow cooker recipe with our new CrockPot that we received as a wedding gift. Hope all is well with you and Grandpa, stay warm tonight! xx

  8. I know that my relatives and friends in southern KY are being hammered by snow, which is unbelievably rare for that area! It's been a crazy winter, for sure.

  9. Mary, we were predicted to have sleet and ice this morning. They called off school, and then we woke to blue skies and sunshine. It rained all night, then this morning was dry as if it hadn't rained. It was really strange. This is the first pretty day we've had in weeks. It's cold, but sunny. Hope you don't get another snow or ice storm. I'm ready to move on to spring gardening here.

  10. This has been an unusual winter. It doesn't seem to want to let go this year. I don't think I've ever waited this long to see my daffodils bloom.
    Time in the kitchen with those pretty flowers seems like a good plan.

  11. I wonder what's happening to the weather, too, but for a different reason. We've had one of the mildest winters ever here. A flakes of snow fell the end of December and since then, nothing. Less rain than normal, too. Very odd.
    I like lugging a vase of flowers around the house with me, too, to enjoy wherever. I hope you enjoyed your kitchen time and are hunkered down cozy and warm while the snow flies.

  12. The weather is really wacky in North America this year and I think we're all tired of the cold, snow and sleet. I hope we will be rewarded with a beautiful summer don't you? Stay safe Mary. It's actually cold and sunny here today and will warm up a bit on the weekend - a nice change for us. Maybe some of the snow will melt a bit. xx Pam

  13. I do believe the weather has gone wacky all over the place. We have had such a lovely spring for the past month with very little rain. The flowers are confused. And we all worry for summer if we don't get more moisture. Your flowers and house always look so inviting. xoxo m


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