Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ironstone and cleaning up. . . . . . . . . . .

The sun forgot to wake up this morning.  
Warmer than yesterday but overcast and dull.
Other than the foraging squirrels and many birds at the feeders,
it looks uninviting in the winter garden. The lights, garlands
 and wreaths are down, packed away, or piled in the 'yard waste' barrel
 awaiting the city truck which will soon be noisily trundling up the street. 

These photos were taken yesterday when it was bright but very chilly, evidence
of the sun made the south facing dining room pleasant, but showed up a veil of dust! 

Inside there is much to do. Christmas decor has disappeared into
 green plastic boxes, pushed to the depths of the attic, leaving residue
on shelves and surfaces. Bright holly berries are now dried to deep burgundy,
leaves crisp and crinkled, tiny stars shine from dark corners, and silver glitter
has left dusty trails across the floor.
Later today I will start on the cleaning.
I need to wash all the china on the dresser and do some editing/rearranging.
For instance, move that cheese keeper and its tray down lower to
see it better - it's a great piece of very old utilitarian ironstone.

Who doesn't like antique/vintage white ironstone?
Go HERE to read the amazing post by my good friend Loi. You will gasp over his
huge exquisite collection, and learn the interesting history of ironstone china.
  Loi of TONE ON TONE, both the shop and blog, is the go to person for everything
I love and would love to have for my own home. 
From that current post I'm coveting both the fish platter with strainer and, most of all,
the magnificent Stilton cheese keeper/dome!

Things have become somewhat static this past year and my decorating mojo
apparently took a vacation. Looking about me I feel it's on the way back, yippee!

Do you have decorating projects for January?
Do tell us what you might be planning.


  1. It just looks gorgeous and love the corner glass cabinet. I am desperately looking for display shelving for my booth. Have to get that going. I sold all my display pieces to the store ladies before Christmas. If only I had known. I have decided to clear off outside metal garden shelves that I displayed outdoor things on. They are terribly dirty, but two are better than none.

  2. Good afternoon, dear friend! That hutch is filled with some gorgeous treasures :) No sunshine here, either. Cold and gray. I'm about to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa with plenty of marshmallows in my favorite ironstone mug :) Thank you, Mary, for the shout out. You are the best!! xoxo, L

  3. Wonderful tutorial by Loi. Thanks for the link. Love all of the gorgeous pieces in your hutch Mary. You have such a good eye for design. Happy New Year and happy cleaning! I'm doing the same.

  4. I send you some tropical warmth - we have a little too much at the moment.

  5. I love ironstone - and Loi's collection is amazing! I had to chuckle about what you said about seeing the veil of dust when the sun shined into your house, because I always feel the same way. You don't realize how much dust accumulates or where it accumulates until that sun shines brightly in your windows! Maybe it's a good thing it's a cloudy day here, because I don't feel like dusting. ;-)

  6. I enjoyed Loi's post. We are planning on adding a backsplash to our kitchen, hopefully this month or next.

  7. Mary, your words are so delightful. You make me smile!
    Yesterday was so cold, wet, and dreary. Definitely a January day! Today, early afternoon, the sun decided to make an appearance, so our daily walk was brisk and sunny. It was just perfect!
    I was so taken with Loi's recent post that I printed it off. I'm in charge of my CAMEO group's program for February, and my speaker had to cancel. I'm scurrying around to find a replacement. I may just use Loi's post as a blueprint for a presentation on white ironstone. Will need to do some research! ;-)
    Wish I could fly the group up to DC to his shop for a first hand look and personal talk. Wouldn't that be the best?

  8. Oh my - your friend's collections are amazing - I don't know that I could pick favorites - unless I picked them all. Your collection is great - I have quite a bit of milk glass but not much of the ironstone - though I love what I have. My decorating thoughts for this year? Hmmmm - I have a "new" china cabinet in the dining room - our son came from WV and took the family heirloom dining set that has been in the family for five generations now - so I at last can have my white dining room furniture. I only had the family set because it was sent to me from Alaska when my mom wanted to be rid of it. It never fit my style and our son has longed for it for years - so it is happily in his Victorian home in West Virginia. I want to try out all my dishes in the new china cabinet - I used the red transferware for the holidays - now to decide which is next. I think that this year there will be much moving of dishes as I try out a lot of different looks in the new china cabinet.

    I enjoyed your post, and really, truly, I just don't associate dust with anything that would be in your house - it always seems so sophisticated and perfect.

  9. Hi from UK. Cold damp & dreary here. I am trying to summon up the enthusiasm to finish some bedroom curtains that I started before xmas, I know once I start it will be all systems go but I am happy sitting here by the fire reading blogs & drinking tea! Making the most of calm before the storm, husband starts the bathroom refit tomorrow & chaos will reign.

  10. Wishing someone else would come and decorate for me. Still having the virus I haven't thought of much, but rest. Have been sorting recipes I have collected and narrowing them down. Oh this morning I did enjoy your blueberry muffin recipe again. This has become a favorite and tasted so good with my morning tea.

  11. Tone on Tone is a gorgeous site! What beautiful photos! And yes, that white ironstone cheese dome is magnificent!

    Oh boy, trying to clean up sparkle star dust is an endless task, isn't it? Good luck with all that! Hope it's gone well. You home is looking wonderful already though. Well done!


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