Friday, April 8, 2016

Fixing house and home. . . . . .

Next week some planned home and garden Spring fix ups will be addressed.
Due to start Monday, a few days of repairs by a professional hopefully
will take place - please 'Mister Contractor' answer my text of yesterday and let me
 know if you really are going to show up, grrrrrrr!
Keeping up a property no matter the size or age, seems to be ongoing with
 something often breaking down, wearing out, or looking just plain old and
 dingy. . . . . . .hmm, the owners have similar problems but I won't even go there!!!

Meanwhile, my weekend is going to be busy enough with some gardening
 chores on the schedule. 
Concerns are building for budding and flowering shrubs and plants with the predicted
 below freezing temperatures on Saturday night bringing possible plant damage.
  Fingers crossed this won't be serious, however I'm putting off purchasing my 
new annual Boston ferns for my porch hanging baskets until later next week.
Mother Nature up to her old tricks again!

Figs are forming already, another prolific harvest perhaps, even though
 I still have pots of jam to be eaten from last year.

Brown Thrasher in the fig tree.

Hostas are poking through.

Time to mow again Bob!
Sweet birds -  Mourning doves and a male finch. . . . . . 

. . . . . . and nuisance cute squirrels, are enjoying the warm weather and water this week. 

Have a fabulous weekend wherever you are.


  1. Your garden is looking lovely. How I wish I had a gazebo! Yours is beautiful. Is it screened in?

    1. Thanks Cynthia - as you know, "a garden is a thing of beauty and a job forever." I have that quote on a little garden plaque my English cousin gave me!
      Yes, we had the gazebo built about 7 years ago and it is totally screened due to my allergic reaction to mosquito bites! I can't sit outside on the deck once they are prevalent so at least can sit out and enjoy the garden, eating supper, having a tea party etc. thanks to my gazebo. The screens were quite an expensive addition however they've held up very well and we have not been disappointed. I hope you can have one some day - know you'll enjoy it year round - we even put a decorated Christmas tree in it which really brightens up the winter garden for a few weeks, and looks fabulous when it snows. We have an overhead light and fan, and outlets to plug in decorative lights and a heater or portable fan. If I ever move I think I'll miss the gazebo more than the cottage, haha!
      Mary -

  2. I too need to garden and have a watering system looked at. I know nothing about them and not sure if it is working right or not. I'll die if it freezes!

  3. Your garden is looking lovely already. Here in France mother nature is playing tricks on us too. We have night frost forecast tonight, so the planting of delicate Clematis full of buds I had planned for tomorrow is on hold . Always better to be safe than sorry. I laughed at your correction for the description of the squirrel.

  4. I just love your photos and garden, Mary. I have lots of finch and doves here, too. The male finch are already a vibrant pretty. We are still getting snow so I'll look at your photos and pretend it really is Spring here.

  5. Oh Mary, isn't this cold weather just frightful? I hate it and so much is going to be damaged and I don't want it to be. Oh well. Take care.

  6. I wish you lived closer, Mary - I have been canvassing for friends with fig trees, as I would like to make fig preserves this year. One jar of Bonne Maman is ruinously expensive!
    Good luck with those repairs. We are waiting for a hedge man - and a tree man - and the electrician.....the list could go on.

  7. Wonderful wonderful photos - the gazebo looks fabulous. I hope the freeze isn't serious. Your yard and critters are simply lovely.

  8. My sister-in-law doesn't have a squirrel on her property. She announced this as she visited one day watching the squirrels here scamper all over creation. She keeps them at bay by spraying ammonia all over the place. Hmmmm...not sure about that one. Hope that the contractor keeps his appointment. Hope that there is no freeze there. It is crazy, capricious spring weather this year for certain.

  9. Your garden is looking lovely! I bought some herbs for my containers and a tomato plant. I am bringing them inside tonight.

  10. Your garden is looking so pretty. Yes, there's so much upkeep on houses and yards (and bodies!). I have a fig question for you. We have a small tree and it's beginning to produce a few figs. We get an early harvest and then figs form but don't ripen before the weather cools down. This year, the small figs stayed on the tree. Should I cut them off so new ones can form, I wonder? The leaves are beginning to emerge, but no new fruit yet. I hope everything is okay in your garden with the cold coming.

    1. Lorrie I've never had that problem here - but remember our Summers are much hotter. We do fertilize in early Spring and water a lot during hot weather.
      Here's a link to an article which may be of help -


  11. Our figs look like they are a week behind yours. Everything is flourishing. Several trips to the nursery this week for more plants. We always want more in the garden. Yes, it is alot of work, but so beautiful! Enjoy! Hoping you don't receive those cold temperatures.

  12. Seems this April weather has been fickle all over the US! We've had rain, snow and hail over the past few days with temps only in the 30's. When I looked at the extended forecast today, looks more positive next week. It seems like winter has dragged on for so long here.

  13. Love how the birds and squirrel look as if they are posing for you: sitting so pretty. Your gardens are so green and lush! I hope you don't get a damaging frost or freeze. We are still getting snow storms in the northern Great Lakes. Brrrr! I'm am so ready for blossoms and bird song!

  14. Awww, your last photo here of BOTh mourning doves! :( so sweet.

    "or looking just plain old and dingy. . . . . . .hmm, the owners have similar problems but I won't even go there!!!" --Oh! I really did have a hoot over that. How funny! but, my dears, you are far too glamorous for that. :)


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