Saturday, April 16, 2016

Come into the garden. . . . . . . .

pril:  late afternoon in a North Carolina garden. . . . . . . . . .

Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were
 voices instead of colors, there would be an
 unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. 
~Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters of Rainer Maria Rilke~

The leaves reach out like bright green hands and already tiny figs are
 appearing on the Celeste fig - the main harvest will come in the heat of late Summer.

Afternoon shadows are cast across the garden - this view below is looking
westward - the setting sun is sometimes just visible through the trees. 
It is now so green everywhere, almost hurts your eyes - photos definitely 
don't require any color tweaks!

Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.
~ Virgil A. Kraft ~

The arbor needs painting - the entire cottage actually - all will have to wait
 until Autumn because I haven't the heart to cut back shrubs and 
 vining jasmines both here on the arbor and climbing the front porch.

We had a little work done this past week. The gazebo needed a few new screws,
 the deck steps some new wood, and if you look to the mid-left in the above photo,
 the new low stone wall will hopefully divert water runoff from the sloping land
 behind us. This is becoming a problem in heavy rain storms as our grass and topsoil 
are being eroded and the water pools around the gazebo and under the deck.
Always something requiring attention it seems.

Variegated Solomon's Seal already blooming - I love this perennial.

Acer palmatum 'Dissectum' - the bright green Japanese maple. 

Purchased several years ago, it was a very small version in its little pot.
These are expensive trees! No idea it would do this well, although I have given
it a lot of TLC over the years. I've lightly pruned it a couple of times but think
it will require more work come late Autumn when the leaves have fallen and
 the central wood can be seen more easily. Overcrowding there can cause poor
air circulation making the tree prone to fungal diseases. Pruning these trees 
is almost like an art - many rules to follow in order to keep it healthy, shapely,
and looking beautiful.

Visitors are nesting in the birdhouse.
The White-Breasted Nuthatch family now includes squeaking babies. 
(Click below for more on this cute bird)
The mom and dad, sitting on the roof or a nearby fence, squawk at me if I get close.

I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would
 always greet it in a garden.
 ~Ruth Stout~

I have to agree, I feel exactly the same way!
Just wish I still had the stamina and strong back to spend an entire day
 working in the garden - these days it's a little at a time.
Speaking of which, we are heading out in our gardening gear this morning.
After picking up supplies such as mulch, a few plants, and packets of seeds
yesterday, there is work to be done. Most of the pollen is over hopefully so
 lots of washing down of outdoor furniture, cushions also.

I must away - hope your weekend is wonderful.


  1. Mary, that Acer is splendiferous, I would love one here, but they are soooooo expensive. The rest of your garden is looking very pretty.

  2. So green and gorgeous! I love this time of year when everything is fresh. Enjoy this spring weekend, my friend! Much love, L

  3. Everything is so richly colored - your Acer appears to be thriving mightily! Enjoy your time in the garden.

  4. That sounds like a lovely shopping spree, going to take care of your GORGEOUS garden!

    I can never decide what are my favourite posts of yours but I'm thinking perhaps, it's the garden ones like these, but maybe that is b/c it's Spring. I know at Christmas, I adore seeing your cosy cottage festive delights too. H...then again, I love seeing the variety of birs too. Oh, hmmm... it's all great!

    Anyway, wow, that Japanese Maple will keep you bust pruning. It loves it there!

    "Variegated Solomon's Seal"--I don't think I've heard of that plant before, but yes, it is so refined with its grooves, etc. Lovely plants all round.

  5. You are so far ahead of us. Such a beautiful landscape you have and your gardens are so lovely. That little turquoise bench is calling to me. :)

  6. Oh the charm of your garden in Spring is breathtaking dear Mary (and Bob)!
    The dappled light through the trees is magical, I love the garden house and if I lived there I'm sure you would often find me sitting on the seat outside, just observing the garden, maybe making notes in my garden book and just enjoying the wonders of nature!
    If I were a bird I would want to make my home in your garden too!
    Love all your garden ornaments including your many beautiful bird houses - they are spoilt for choice!
    I'm making mental notes as I read this post and getting enthusiastic about my Spring garden - that's five months away, ha ha!
    Love and hugs

  7. What a beautiful insight into your garden Mary. The richness of the colours are an absolute joy to see. The Acer is clearly very happy with you and giving you a great show. Have a wonderful Sunday my lovely x

  8. Oh your garden is just lovely, Mary. This spring has been gorgeous here in North Carolina. I would love to see the Nuthatch babies; we have the occasional nuthatch to visit our feeders, but not nearly as often as I would like. Such handsome and interesting birds. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!



  9. Everything is gorgeous and inspiring. I love all the shades of spring. And Ruth Stout is one of my favorites - and I have to agree with her. Love the little birds too.

  10. Love a pretty spring garden! We are getting rain with more expected in the week ahead. Doubt I'll get much done in the garden, but if we do get the expected rain there will be much to do soon. '-)
    Happy spring!

  11. Like you I love to spend my time in the garden, even if its a bad day health wise , just sitting watching the birds, is food for the soul. How Id love to sit on your wrought iron bench ( I might need a cushion for my back ) but I'd be in my element soaking up the beauty of your delightful garden especially that lovely Acer.

  12. Your garden is beautiful - and so green. We hardly hardly had any rain all winter and everything looks barren and dry already. We water our garden regularly so, thankfully, we are still getting flowers.

  13. Everything is looking lovely, Mary. You have such a variety of trees and plants, no wonder you have all these species of birds. I'd be thrilled with getting more butterflies with my new perennials! I never had much time at this house when we worked so hard at the lake. I'm seeing wonderful results!

    I find that my time in the sun, even shade, zaps my energy. Sitting in the shade really doesn't reflect all of the sun away. And the heat drains me. I come inside for refuge quite a bit. My dogs are also happy for a respite even thought they are so eager to get out at first. Don't feel it's you...gardening is not for the faint of heart! It's heavy and draining work.

    Happy spring! Are you and Bob available in July? Abby and Tom may join us in Asheville. If you aren't full of plans that month, maybe we could meet up. Either in A or halfway between?

    Jane x


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