Monday, April 18, 2016

Snowballs in Spring. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . on the Chinese Snowball bush (Viburnum Macrocephalum) which is now a tree!
It's so tall now and probably has reached its mature height of 
around 10 feet. 
Below, I've added a full professional description of this fun shrub
in case you are interested in adding one to your landscape. You can grow it
successfully if you are in zones 3-8 here in the US. I am in 7 and have found
 this shrub low maintenance and easy to grow. Mine was a tiny potted
 one - rescued from the sale area at the end of Summer - from a garden center
 about 6 years ago.

 Many hours were spent this weekend cleaning out the gazebo and other
garden areas. We worked much of Saturday and Sunday in perfect weather
 and truly enjoyed it. Yesterday, around 5 pm, on the front porch, still dirty, tired
 and thirsty, we nibbled on chips and guacamole, sipping Rosé, watching the
 Chickadees coming to feed dinner to their offspring in the little bird house
 right above our heads.

Early this morning - when I took these photos - I grabbed my coffee, garden file,
 a notebook and pen, and spent a beautiful hour, still in my robe, going through
 notes on what needs to be accomplished today and through the remainder of
 this week to complete the Spring garden chores prior to indoor Spring
 cleaning. . . . . . . . . and then waving goodbye to it all!  Yes, a big trip coming
in May!

 Growing Zones: 3-8

Growing Zones 3-8This plant is recommended for zones: 3-8
(green area above)
You are in Growing Zone: 7
Mature Height:
10-12 ft.
Mature Width:
10-12 ft.
Full to Partial
Drought Tolerance:
Botanical Name:
Viburnum macrocephalum 'Sterile'
Does Not Ship To:


An amazingly 'SHOWY' addition to any landscape; the Viburnum Macrocephalum, more commonly known as the 'Chinese Snowball Bush', is beautiful and easy-to-grow. The flowers emerge a striking lime-green in late spring and gradually turn to snowy-white in mid-May; they retain their green color for several weeks before turning to cream and then to white. 
At full maturity, the 'Flower-Balls' resemble brilliant white pom-pom's, reaching up to 8' wide. The 'Chinese Snowball Bush' will bloom in mid-spring for weeks on end.
The Viburnum Macrocephalum is a sterile plant (producing no fruit) so all of its energy goes into blooming and . . . Does it ever!!! A relative of the honeysuckle, the 8' flowering clusters are made up of an abundance of delicate 1' flowers. The clusters resemble the blooms of the Hydrangea plant. 
Best of all, this particular variety will provide a longer & more profuse BLOOMING SEASON than any other plant in its family. The foliage of the 'Chinese Snowball' is a brilliant dark green with 2'-4' leaves that have a 'saw-toothed' edge; they are stunning against the stark white of the flowering clusters.
The 'Chinese Snowball Bush' can be trimmed to any size or shape; it can be sculpted into shrubs, hedges, borders and trees. Cut it back after flowering and prepare for another round of blooming; this incredible plant blooms on both, old and new wood. 
The Viburnum Macrocephalum is an extremely hardy variety that is resistant to bacterial leaf spot and powdery mildew, unlike its' relatives. If you are looking for an incredible 'point-of-interest' for your landscape, you have found it in the 'Chinese Snowball Bush'.
  • Insect & Disease Resistant
  • Showy Clusters of 'Flower Balls' (up to 8' wide)
  • Repeat Bloomer
  • Carefree
  • Provides Bountiful Cut Flowers
  • Deer Resistant
  • Non-Invasive Root System
  • Heat & Drought Tolerant
  • Attracts Butterflies

Forgive me getting behind with comments dear friends - will
catch up soon when the garden requires less of my time.

Our friend Nelson wishes me to thank you for your generous 
prayers and good wishes for his recovery. Four surgeries so
far to repair his shattered leg - going home today but will
 require more surgery in about 2 weeks.

Have a wonderful week.


  1. Wow, that snowball bush (or tree!) is so vibrant against the lush greenery in your garden! Oh, I love days that are spent working hard and then snacking/sipping away listening to and watching for bird friends -- Richard and I did just that a few days ago. He spread new mulch in the front and new straw around the garage where we are having some drainage issues. We're planning to get gutters installed next Spring, but in the meantime, we have to cover up where the water beats down on the grass and creates rather ugly mud pits. Always work to be done, huh?! xoxo

  2. Your snowball bush is beautiful! I can just imagine how enjoyable your morning was in the gazebo.

  3. I love Viburnums, and have several different ones. Mine have bright red Autumn leaves just now.

  4. This is one of my favourite shrubs - I remember that we had one when I was a little girl. It's on my list for the new garden. Yours is incredible and perfectly situated!

  5. Good morning dear, so wonderful to catch up with you once again and marvel at your beautiful gardens and the mosaics that you've created. Love your coffee mug with the wellies décor. Will come back again soon to learn where your travels lead you next. We're heading to Budapest very soon, who knows I might find my blogging mojo hiding there?

  6. Everything looks so beautiful. I don't blame you for spending as much time in the garden as you can. Has started now to get just a little bit too hot here since we've gotten into the 90s this week. :( The snowball bush is gorgeous and grew so much in those years. Have a good day.

  7. The neighbours have a snowball 'tree' that sits right next to our line so I get to enjoy it too. It will be June before it blooms though. I'm enjoying seeing your garden and all the beauty you have there already.

  8. How lovely to sit in the gazebo in the early morning with your coffee. How I do love snowball bushes. I think we planted a small one in our garden last year, but haven't seen any snowballs yet. Must go look now. When my children were young they loved having snowball fights with the flowers. We had a huge tree in that yard, so a snowball fight hardly made a dent.

  9. Your garden is a picture Mary and so well cared for.
    I've always loved this tree but many trees like this don't do so well in our Auckland climate - too much humidity I imagine. It makes me droop at times too!

    This is exciting news of your 'big trip' . I'm trying to think where you two haven't been - do tell us Mary and I would love the full wardrobe details too dear!

  10. I meant to say I spied your gorgeous mug - perfect for coffee in the garden! I'm going on line to find one!


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