Saturday, April 23, 2016

A mountain of mulch. . . . . . . .

It all worked out just fine on Thursday. The cedar wood chip mountain was 
dumped gently at the top of the driveway late morning.
The sun was out, the breeze was gentle, and the rain showers forecast
for the afternoon stayed away.
Granddaughter Jasmin's boyfriend Kevin showed up and worked with Bob for
 about four hours. I helped by pointing where to dump and spread. . . . . . . . and
 then with the general clean up later. Bob and I showered and crashed on the
 porch with a drink at 7:30 pm - followed with a late for us supper and watched a
movie. We were exhausted as it was almost a seven hour garden job. We
won't need to repeat it for a couple of years as cedar chips hold up well.
Yesterday it rained a lot, heavy downpours accompanied by thunder 
and lightning. We were so glad we managed to complete the mulching job 
whilst the weather was fine.
Today, and for the entire weekend, it will be beautiful with sunshine 
and 75F - my kind of perfect weather before humidity and mosquitoes arrive.

Have a great weekend.


  1. What a big chore - but so worthwhile! You were lucky to have that extra (young!) help.

  2. Yeah! A huge job finished! We had thunderstorms yesterday as well. Our weather will be in the low 80's here this weekend. Have a great weekend!

  3. Well done All.We were doing much the same with rotted pea straw. Our vege patch all nicely tucked in suppressing weeds we hope.We didn't have any help except a tractor.

  4. Excellent job done! I have a barrel of mulch waiting in the garage and I am dreading really is a chore. What a nice young man to help out and wearing a smile, too.

  5. A humungus Everest sized mountain of mulch!
    Bob and his fit young helper did well to complete the job in a day - phew!
    Gardening isn't for the faint hearted - I spent several hours yesterday trimming hedges! I was in bed at 8pm after an early supper - yes rest home hours!
    It's Anzac Day holiday here today and we will drive to the beach for a picnic or alternatively visit the Museum if the weather in inclement!
    I hope Bob rests up today too!
    Shane x

  6. So happy you had help in the garden. I just know it looks lovely.

  7. Wow, good for Bob sticking at it for 4 hours with the youngster!


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