Sunday, April 24, 2016

Freshening up with the Eastern Bluebird. . . . . . . .

The birdbaths were cleaned and refilled by me before the rain arrived
 on Friday afternoon - then later they were topped up by nature in some
 really heavy downpours on and off during the night.
I love watching birds bathe, they seem to truly enjoy plunging in, flapping
 their wings, sitting on the rim for a few seconds then hopping back in and
 repeating their showering in wild abandon. Then it's up on a tree branch to
 dry off and preen those precious feathers. 
Some of our larger garden birds are real bathers, especially the American Robin
 and Brown Thrasher, in fact the robins will often show up as soon as they hear
 the water from the garden hose.
On this day, after I filled all the baths, who did I catch enjoying the waters?
  A little female Eastern Bluebird splashing merrily, then flying up to a branch
 looking rather damp and bedraggled, but probably feeling much cleaner.
Although I've yet to see bluebirds nest in the box on the potting shed wall
 (they apparently don't like that spot), I like to think she has a nest and a family
 hidden somewhere in my garden - I have seen her with her mate often - and 
perhaps on this particular afternoon was taking some much needed personal
 time to freshen up during her busy parental chores.

As long as there are bluebirds, there will be miracles and
 a way to find happiness ~ Shirl Brunnell 1934-2005 author of "I Hear Bluebirds" 


  1. You would think the bluebird would love that cute little birdhouse. I have many empty birdhouses, too. But...I still have hope. :) As far as the kitty, Mary, you may have to just chase it off. If you think it really is a feral and not a neighbour's cat perhaps you could have it picked up by your local shelter and given a second chance for a home. Some 'ferals' are really just abandoned cats who are very adoptable.

  2. How lucky you are to see the birds bathe, I've put out shallow containers for them, only to find them tipped over by some wild night prowler, I think the birds around us either bathe in the stream opposite our home or do not like taking a bath. Such a lovely little bird house waiting to be occupied, I've just found a nest in the rolled up hose pipe hanging in our shed,, unfortunately I think one of the feral cats we have near us must have sneaked in and taken the eggs , I found just one left and the nest is now abandoned, Loved your photos.

  3. On the farm, the bluebirds never come to the feeders. Flock together but prefer their diet wild. Love to watch the birds bathing. Chickens and turkeys take dirt baths, with dirt flying around like water. It is funny to watch.

  4. Love the picture of the bluebird taking a bath. We have been having fun watching our Mr and Mrs Bluebird busily bringing food to their babies in the house we put up last winter.

  5. Oh sweet little bird. I love seeing the birds enjoy the birdbath so much. Your garden is just so beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us. I haven't been around much, my computer is down and I am using my little laptop that doesn't have all the blog links I visit. Thanks for stopping by Delights of the Heart. Very soon adventures are coming!!!

  6. Love your "freshening up" and the sweet bluebird bathing. That little bird house is charming.

  7. What a sweet bird...your pictures are beautiful! I went back to catch up on your posts. That was a huge truckload of mulch delivered but it's wonderful stuff, isn't it. I'm glad you had the help of Kevin. Spring garden work is exhausting. I'm doing my things in baby steps until I can actually choose a few new plants. Mulching is a huge part of my getting ready this year, I need to replace what has mostly disintegrated over the past two years. It looks so refreshing afterward and how it keeps the cost of watering down is wonderful!


  8. Lovely photos. I love watching birds and hearing them sing. If only someone could encourage them to sleep in some mornings...

  9. I love seeing all these and reading about the life that goes on around your home. They are all so wonderful, Mary. :)


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