Thursday, April 21, 2016

The very cool white azalea. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . meet my last azalea to bloom, the beautiful 
Mrs. G. G. Gerbing, Rhododendron indicuma pure white 'sport'
of the George L. Taber azalea, the pretty pink one I showed here.

This white beauty is a vigorous grower and profuse bloomer given the
right conditions. My 'G.G.' is just a few years old and has some 
catching up to do to reach the heights of 'George'. Both can reach 6-8 feet
 tall and 4-6 feet wide.

This time honored variety is the standard for white Satsuki azaleas.
 Blooms early and abundantly in medium, single pure white flowers. 
Dense foliage on a spreading shrub produces a versatile landscape candidate.
 Ideal for urban landscapes. A natural in Asian-inspired gardens.

I couldn't resist cutting a few to enjoy indoors.
Still gardening non-stop.
Today awaiting delivery of 10 cu. yards - a small mountain - of cypress wood chips. 
Every couple of years we refresh the entire back garden walkways and 
natural areas with these nice looking chips making walking clean and comfy.
 Hoping a certain granddaughter's boyfriend will arrive later to assist Bob in
 'moving the mountain' as my back will no longer allow that part. 
I'll make the tea and serve healthy homemade carrot muffins.

And today ~ a very happy 90th Birthday to
 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


  1. What a beautiful azalea. Sending Bob strength to move that mountain!

  2. My goodness, I've never seen such beautiful blooms! One benefit of living in the climate you do, I suppose! I hear you on the mulch. We refresh our walkway and all the beds every year. Hubby makes a few trips to the garden center to fill the trunk with huge bags of mulch and then drags them out of the car and spreads them in all the beds. I don't help with this because of my back, too. I have herniated disks and am so afraid of doing more damage.

  3. Your beautiful flowers inspire me to go pick some of my white azaleas. I tend to forget that they can come inside. Sorry your back is hurting, hoping it feels better soon.

  4. Beautiful azaleas - they are such a bright white color. Yes, Happy Birthday to our Queen!

  5. Your white azaleas look perfect in the aqua Mason jar. It's made me want to scour my cupboards for just such a jar and then visit my azalea bushes with clippers in hand.
    I've spent a little time this morning, before heading out to a hair appt., reading your recent gardening/bird posts. What a delightful time I've had. Beautiful photos. I am glad we are finally receiving some rain here this morning.
    Good luck getting your mountain moved. That is hard work!

  6. There is a perfect gentleness. Your photos urge to smell wonderful flowers!

  7. Your white azaleas are gorgeous, Mary. So crisp and white looking and they look lovely in the mason jar. We enjoyed some really warm weather the past two days but its back to 'normal' spring weather for the next week with below freezing temps at night again. The grass is greening up though but we still need rain. Your day of mulching was a success and it looks nice. Great to have an extra body to help out! Have a lovely day. Hugs. Pam

  8. Gorgeous white azaleas, Mary! I loved your photos. Azaleas always make me think of Norfolk's Botanical gardens and their Azalea Festival since we lived near there in Va at different times. We are moving once again, as you saw...not for another five months, there-abouts. Headed to mid-state Oregon. The two photos from the post just previous to my last one were taken as my daughter and s-i-l who are already there drove from Bend to Portland last week. I can't wait to start seeing such sights myself! :-)

  9. Wow, those shots are utterly gorgeous with the flowers. You really do have impeccable tastes, Mary.


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