Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year's Day 2018. . . . . . . . .

Yes, it's a new year and a new bird arrived in the garden to celebrate despite
 the bitter cold morning. . . . . . . not this one, the elegant and lovely 
Mrs. Cardinal in her red lipstick and tufted hairdo. . . . . . . 

. . . . . . this small, adorable round and chunky newcomer, sporting grey and white
 with a touch of crisp black wing feathers.
For the life of me I cannot pin down this sweet-looking bird.
From a distance I thought it was the Dark-eyed junco (the "snowbird"), 
or perhaps, a female Ruby-crowned Kinglet, or a Vireo, however the closest 
bird I can find is a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. Being so cold out this little bird 
was definitely fluffing out its feathers making it harder to identify.
If you have any ideas as to whom it might be I'd appreciate your thoughts. 

Last night downtown was bitterly cold and I looked/felt like the Michelin Tire Woman!
Dear Ruth, your amazing snood saved me - my neck, my ears my face - wonderful
and so much better than a regular scarf!
  Good thing was everyone else was bundled up too, warmth not fashion was all
that mattered. Some people, especially little kids, were even draped in blankets,
 a good idea, and I came dangerously close to grabbing one for myself!!!
We cheered on the People's Procession, watched Raleigh's symbol, the
 copper acorn drop, and fireworks explode (the 7 pm early version for kids and oldies
 like us!), then headed inside several music venues to listen to bluegrass, jazz etc.
 before heading to an Irish pub for a late-night bite and a glass of champagne at midnight.

Early - well not so early as I did sleep-in a while after such a late night -
I donned the layers again and was out melting the birdbaths, filling feeders, 
and taking photos of birds, of course. 

Late afternoon today we'll be celebrating a belated Christmas with our dear 
neighbors who were away for the holidays - snacks, pulling crackers, raising 
a glass, or two, as we don't have to drive, exchanging gifts. 

Later, an evening planned by the fire watching a little TV as I knit. . . . . . 
. . . . . . . then tomorrow back to normal as we try to remember to write 2018,
 and all we hope for, peace, good health, happiness and prosperity, we wish for
 you and your loved ones also.


  1. Happy new year. I'm afraid the only North American bird I would be able to identify is the male cardinal - of course, he's quite conspicuous. I have a friend (from Malta) who lives in Raleigh.

    1. I had no idea you have a friend here in Raleigh Loree - that's a surprise! Perhaps you'll visit some day and then we can at last get together - that would be great!
      Mary -

  2. Do you think that it is a Northern Mockingbird Mary -

    1. Rosemary - so far away - and yet you nailed it! All my research only brought up photos of older (fully grown?) mockingbirds, just like the ones I usually see here, much darker and longer than this little guy. Perhaps this was a smaller youngster - and it was so cute.
      Many thanks dear.
      Mary -

  3. Hello! Beautiful pictures. Happy New Year Mary.

  4. I love your beautiful birds. You have such a good eye. Happy New Year Mary.

  5. Mary, I don't like to be tripped up by birds either!!! I also believe it is the Northern Mockingbird. That was my first thought and then I read a previous comment. It is definitely not the junco. For the FIRST year ever, the mockingbird here is frequenting my bird feeder (sunflower seed) on a daily basis. I was so surprised to him/her there.
    Farm Gal in VA

    1. Yes, you guessed right too dear - see my reply to Rosemary's comment above.
      Guess they are trying to get to a warmer place - though right here now it's so, so cold!!!
      Thanks for visiting -
      Mary -

  6. The bird is on the tip of my tongue. Of course, I know all the others. We have those here too. Mary, I wish you the best year of all.

  7. Can't help with the bird, but I am glad to read you had a great time on New Year's Eve and thr snood kept you toasty. Back to normal for me next week :-)

  8. Happy New Year! Oh, I just love your birds sooooo much. It sounds like you had a wonderful New Year's celebration.

  9. Incredible bird images! Your photos are always crystal clear. You have the eye!
    Happy New Year!


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