Sunday, December 31, 2017

What to wear in the Arctic blast. . . . . . . . . .

 The Snood: In terms of fashion trends, a snood is basically a tubular scarf, 
like a large cowl. It differs from an infinity scarf in that it sits higher on the neck
 and can also act as a hood.

I'm prepared for New Year's Eve - this one forecast to be
 the second coldest on record here - with a ton of warm clothing
 including this amazingly lovely snood, for the trip downtown tonight.

This was my fabulous Christmas gift knitted so beautifully, and then sent across
 the pond from England, by my dear friend Ruth. This charcoal yarn is soft and
 luxurious, a mix of wool and Alpaca, lightweight and luxurious.


How about this - these pretty knitted 'hand warmers' were purchased in Ireland 
last year. The yarn is almost identical to the snood so make the perfect set.
Tonight I'm sure I'll require regular gloves plus the hand warmers on top,
along with the snood and a snug fitting hat. It will be a teeth chattering, foot
stomping night. . . . . .with a hot toddy and a glass of champagne at the end!

Chill aires and wintry winds! My ear 
has grown familiar with your song; 
I hear it in the opening year - 
I listen and it cheers me long.
 Woods in Winter: Longfellow

May your coming year be full of happiness, good health, 
and be rich in the comfort and kindness of friends.


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours, too, dear Mary!
    Before I read what you had written underneath the picture with the set, I thought the handwarmers had been part of the gift from your friend, they match the snood so perfectly.
    We are expecting an exceptionally mild New Year's Eve tonight, with temperatures around 13 Celsius. For the past two years, we could only hear the fireworks - too much fog to see anything. I hope there will be no fog this time.

    1. Thank you for your good wishes dear Meike. My friend Ruth (who also sends me wonderful books to read) is actually German and has lived in England many years. Like so many of we older European women, she is an avid and excellent knitter. I knit but am nowhere near excellent - only easy patterns! The yarn is actually Norwegian - guess they know how to stay warm! - and so lovely, the addition of Alpaca seems to give it a heft yet comfy lightness.
      Enjoy your mild evening and hoping you can view the fireworks.
      Happy New Year - may it bring you and your family and friends much happiness.

  2. You stay warm out there! Looks as if you’ll be doing it in style. Happy New Year to you as well.

    1. Will do Vee - may this coming year be a good one for you and your family dear.
      Thank you for keeping in touch - I miss your blog you know!
      Mary -

  3. Dear Mary - wishing you and Bob a very happy and healthy 2018.
    You will be really cosy tonight - I bought all of the men in my life a fleece snood this year to put in their stockings, all of which have been well received.
    Take care, and looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring images and commentary during the upcoming year♡

  4. Happy New Year to both you and Bob. Keep warm in that beautiful snood. Particularly love the fingerless gloves. How I could use a pair like those. The weatherman last night on the news said if you go out for New Year's Eve dress warm and no skinny jeans or mini skirts. Even the newscasters were smiling at that comment. So remember no skinny jeans or mini skirts tonight. I think other than going to a nearby restaurant for dinner, I will stay inside; though it won't be as cold as you will be experiencing. Sending love!

  5. I LOVE the snood!!! And how amazing that they match those gloves! I think you'll look wonderful, though I would opt for a full-on snow suit and ski mask tonight lol...have a wonderful time! :)

  6. Happy New Year to you and Bob, Mary. I love your snood. Stay warm tonight! xo

  7. Dear Mary, I think that you will be nice and snug in your snood. Now all you need is some very warm boots. Stay warm and have fun.
    Happy New Year to you and Mr.B.


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