Saturday, December 16, 2017

Saturday Christmas Scenes. . . . . . . .

Fiona, my cute penguin, is loving the arrival of cold weather but I
thought she required a soft muffler to be fashionable for the season.

As I'm still knitting scarves whilst watching TV in the evenings, it was easy 
to pull out some leftover yarn and get the needles clicking.
 This was a quickie done during an episode of The Crown, Part I - fabulous
 show and I'm now anxiously awaiting the chance to view Part II.  

Yesterday I actually bought some rich red yarn so will also be knitting up

a few more miniature scarves - perhaps the reindeer should also have
 mufflers and I have to keep my fingers moving whilst binge watching
 TV without guilt on these chilly days.

A dear friend arrived at our Christmas luncheon last week with this 
very attractive wreath, a belated Birthday gift  - I'm thrilled with it!
Today the sun is brilliant and the temperature is slowly climbing to a high
 of around 51F - the Christmas shoppers will be out in force.  
Meanwhile, I completed the outdoor vignette by the front door. 
The greenery is in water and later this coming week I will use it on the
 fireplace mantel. I just couldn't bring myself to dump the still solid pumpkins - had
 four left so roasted one and grabbed the nickel and bronze spray paints for these three!
The red vintage looking lanterns I found at ALDI, perfect for this spot with
safe candles set to turn on and off automatically - one of life's more acceptable 
modern inventions, right?

It will get even warmer during the coming week - up into the low 70's, 
doubtful we will see a White Christmas around here!
The sweaters and boots are being worn though. . . . . . . . . . and 
yesterday, during a visit to REI, I found a Christmas present to myself,
something special to wear on my expedition trip early next year. 
More on that another time. Perhaps I'll do a 'travel to where?' guessing game again.
 You, my wonderful readers and friends, always seem to enjoy participating. . . . .
. . . . and we'll all have more time hopefully to catch up with each other in the
New Year. I'm reading and loving your great posts but often just can't find time
 to comment so beg forgiveness.

Enjoy your weekend - busy I'm sure!



  1. Fiona looks great in her scarf. If I don't get a chance to say it later, Merry Christmas to you and Bob and have a wonderful New Year.

  2. Hi Mary :) I love all of your decorations, but I'm a sucker for the colour red, love the reindeer and lanterns!!

  3. Your decorations are so lovely - each little detail attended to - I love the simple elegance of all that you do. We have rainy weather - no snow for christmas and we are just as happy about that as we can be. Most things are done and we are almost ready - Don is baking the cookies this year and our middle grandson is coming up tomorrow afternoon so we can plan the christmas eve menu and table settings. He says it is his second favorite part of christmas.

  4. Fiona must be a a great treasure after your expedition a few years ago, where you spent time with so many penguins. I really enjoyed those posts. And now I'm wondering where in the world will Mary be going?! You are a wild and wonderful woman!

    I simply love all of your Christmas touches here and there, seamlessly blending in with your otherwise beautiful decor. I'm still walking that tightrope between my love of traditional and whimsy. I might be finished decking the halls around the 26th.

    Sending love and an abundance of hugs to you and Bob. I received your holiday card, and one is on the way to you from A and I. And yes, we will be seeing each other in 2018! I'm so wanting to see the NC coast, and would love to work my way west to Asheville. Will Raleigh be a stop?! Let's discuss it later. ;-D

    Happy Holidays to you both!!


    Jane xxxxx

  5. Fiona is happy about her new scarf, I can tell! Your deco looks all very nice, stylish and cosy at the same time.

  6. Fiona! So glad to see here back again. And she looks marvelous there indeed.

    In fact, all your decor looks fabulous, Mary. I love what you did with the pumpkins. Clever.

    I didn't know there were "automatic" fake candles. We have several imitation ones but all of them still require being flipped on or off as the case may be. I love that the larger one are wax and we can enjoy that sense of hygge in the winter with none of the worry or a real flame. Actually, I 'd love to get one of those fake flickering flame versions. So clever.

    As beautiful as your photos are, I know that they don't do it justice since your home has delicious aromas too from all your fabulous cooking!

    What a delightful home your friends, family and enighbours are blessed to enjoy. Thank you for sharing these snippets with us.

    Hmm...more travel on the horizon? I wonder if you might got to Quebec City or such as I'm not sure you've traveled that way...or better yet, I know it....Finland! :)

  7. Beautiful decor, Mary! Love the little scarf for your penguin. If I don't talk to you before Christmas, I hope you and your husband have a joyous and healthy holiday. xoxo

  8. Fiona is adorable in her cozy scarf. Your Christmas decor is beautiful. I wrapped gifts yesterday afternoon while watching the first two episodes of Season Two of the Crown. Lovely show. Have a most wonderful week, dear Mary.

  9. Dear Mary, It all looks so festive. I especially like the wall sconce with crystals and dried pods. It looks like you are ready for the Holidays.
    Gene and I wish you a most Merry Christmas and a New Year blessed with health and happiness.

  10. Your Fiona looks just darling in the scarf. Red scarves on reindeers seems quite appropriate too. Now I am wondering about your travel plans. I have just begun watching the Crown, season 2. Have been watching Reign, but it is abit much for me, just finishing season 1 and will put it aside for awhile and return to the Crown. Oh they can be addictive.

  11. Your home looks beautiful all dressed for Christmas Mary .... so festive. XXXX


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