Friday, December 8, 2017

Dreaming of a White Christmas. . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . and holiday decorating. . . . .  

Now enjoying all that is part of preparing for
 Christmas. . . . . . . . at last.

The recent cacophony of saws, drills and hammers emanating from the back 
of the house, along with clouds of sanding dust coating everything, almost put
 me over the top!  
Now the workmen are gone and feel I have my life back.

Early mornings, waiting with bated breath - will he come today?
 Will he be late again and lose the best part of the day?
Will he have a helper. . . . . to actually help move things along, or will
 Bob have to run to Lowe's or Home Depot for supplies.
 Did I put water bottles to chill and remember to move our cars from
 driveway to street, yet again?
 Why did we agree to additional work which ended up as 3 weeks of 
upheaval instead of a simple 3 day project? 
 Was it worth all the mess?
Yes, yes, yes!!!! Deck and gazebo look almost new again.

Our home is looking spiffy now and I finished the outdoor
Christmas decor yesterday, including the Christmas tree in the
 gazebo. We may get light snow falling during the night or, more
 likely, just a cold rain. Wood is brought in and the hearth is ready.
The seasons are definitely changing.


  1. Phew! What a relief it must be for you to have your place back to yourself. Noise such as sawing, drilling etc. really stresses me, and it is getting worse the older I get. But as you say, it was worth it, and now your house is all in festive attire :-)

  2. Say? Are you getting snow today? I am sorry that the redo project didn’t go straight from A to Z. They seldom do...

  3. I am glad it is all finished and now you can enjoy the holidays. We have snow here. It started about 7 this morning and is still falling. We were supposed to get 1 inch but we have 3 inches already. We were supposed to have guests coming for the weekend from Tennessee, but we are calling them this afternoon and canceling, because we are snowed in.

  4. I look forward to seeing the refreshed part of your house and gazebo with tree. Glad it is worth it. Love to touches of Christmas in your pictures. I was at Anthropologie yesterday and oh I could have spent a bunch of money on Christmas pretties, but I resisted. Ended up coming out of the door with one wooly sweater, which I am loving and a good bargain too.

  5. Oh reno is horrible. The end result is always nice but.....doing it or having it done just messes up everything. Thanks for stopping at my blog and saying hello! Come back anytime.

  6. The gazebo with decorated tree in it sounds lovely. I have been doing a lot of home projects too, including new floors for 3 rooms and a new wall heater. It is so good to complete a project, I am cheering for you.

  7. Well, I am glad that is all done but pondering how a 3-day projects turns into 3-weeks. I jsut hope you were given a flt price and not based on time! I am sure it look fabulous, however. Can't wait to see the gazebo photos you will no doubt post. Your photos above looks magical too.

    Mary, I did have to laugh when reading the start of the 2nd paragraph with: "Early mornings, waiting with bated breath - will he come today?" I was thinking you were referring to a visit from St. nick, wondering, "Mary, were you that naughty?! Surely not!" Haha


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