Monday, December 4, 2017

Comfy in grey. . . . . . . .

I love black clothing, however I really love grey more!
This week I have to go through my wardrobe yet again. . . .  
to prepare for colder weather at long last.
We just may get a dusting of snow later in the week,
but if not it will be much more chilly than the beautiful
weekend we've just had - topped off by that spectacular 
'super moon' we viewed in awe last night. Did you see it?

We raked and moved a trillion leaves to the street over
 the past two days - hard work but great exercise in the
 warm sunshine. 
Still have to complete the deck work in back of the cottage -
then I can put up my tree in the gazebo - however I did
get the outside holiday decor completed in the front and it
 looks very festive at night when the lights are sparkling.

Have you started your Christmas decorating?


  1. Christmas decorating is all done here! I did a blog post about it today. Yes, we watched the beautiful super moon on our back deck last night. Love the grey clothing you shared.

  2. I, too, love gray....and I also need to do a bit of winter clothes shopping...

  3. I too am a huge gray fan. It is such a neutral color you can pair it with anything. These are beautiful!

  4. Grey for me too Mary - also black and navy blue. It is strange that most of us have so few colours that we feel happy to wear. I can't get away with yellows or reds except as an accessory.
    Missed the super moon here due to cloud and by the time the cloud had lifted it was high in the sky.

  5. Yes, I feel most comfortable in gray - a neutral palette to which I sometimes add some colorful scarves or jewelry. I love the color red and have a lot of it in my house, but I rarely wear it.

  6. I am loving grey more and more, especially since I grew out my natural hair colour. :)

  7. Hi Mary :) Our sky was cloudy for the Super Cold Moon last night, sigh!!! But I felt the energy that's for sure! :) I used to wear a lot of black, until I got pets it's neutral colours to hide the shedding hair lol...I haven't started Christmas decorating yet, but I've started all the cookie baking. We'll be getting our tree this coming weekend, then I'm going WHOLE HOG on the Christmas spirit!!! :)

  8. Another grey fan, here, Mary, along with navy blue and black. I do like colour, too, clear, cool tones of blue and red/pink.
    The moon shone here, occasionally covered by a passing cloud. Gorgeous sight after all the dreary rain we've had. A bit of decorating done here with more in the days to come.

  9. I love the grey clothes oh so much!! Especially liking them with those skirts, how fun! Decorations are gradually going up. I think they will be finished tomorrow. I just could decide what to do over the mantel, but have an idea now. I finished the tree this afternoon and then notices some of the lights in one section went out - OH NO! I hate that when that happens. I will bake a bit tomorrow too.

  10. Much of my wardrobe is black and white, but I love grey as well. Believe me it is well represented.
    Enjoy the colder weather. I'm hoping for some here.

  11. Not much decorating here yet, as I wasn't home all weekend and hardly feel like it on a week night after work. But I have an Advent wreath (thanks to my Mum and Dad) and four (!) Advent calendars - not all of them with chocolates ;-)
    We did have a snowy weekend, but the snow is largely gone already after a rather mild, wet and windy Monday.

  12. Great thoughts and looks. Greetings to you.


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