Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Wrapping up 2017. . . . . . . . . . .

If headed to a party, or to the North Carolina Symphony's
 annual New Year's Eve concert, I would love this outfit.
Elegant, yet casual and comfy. The lovely mix of rich velvet and smooth
 satin give black a wonderful gleam, definitely not dreary. . . . . . .

. . . . . . and this would be the shoe I would love (if I could still totter around on
 such high heels!), I think it's gorgeous and would add a little pop of color.

I will however be out in the night for New Year's Eve and this year the forecast
 is for very, very cold weather, but dry thankfully. We always head into downtown
 Raleigh for the huge First Night celebration.  
After joining in the People's Procession winding through downtown, we enjoy
 visiting several of the music venues, especially
 jazz, bluegrass, organ recital etc., we like a little of each. 
There are two fireworks displays, one after the procession for the children
 (of any age) who don't want to hang around until the midnight show - that's us!

So I'll be wearing a very warm coat over my tunic length cashmere sweater
 and fleece leggings, and of course my warmest pair of comfy flat boots with
 thick socks - cold feet can be so miserable on hard pavement. Warm gloves will be
a definite requirement. . . . . .and around my neck will be the
 wonderful Christmas gift knitted by my fabulous friend Ruth in England. . . . .a soft,
charcoal grey alpaca/wool snood (scarf and hat in one) - more on this lovely gift later.

~ Winter fashions from ZARA ~

What are you planning for New Year's Eve?


  1. We're going to a party Mary and I shall be wearing black .... As usual !!! Happy 2018 to you and yours. XXXX

  2. I'm definitely all about comfort. And keeping warm. We are always in bed way before midnight. :)

  3. I think you and I have slightly different definitions of "very, very cold". It will be -21 degrees here in Bismarck on New Year's Eve. By the way, it's -9 degrees right now, at 11:24 a.m.

  4. What beautiful coats. We are rather party poopers, but this year plan to go for dinner at a local restaurant that has music playing and activities abound. But by midnight I will probably be tucked up in bed either reading or sleeping. Have a wonderful New Year's Eve! It all sounds quite wonderful. How I would love to see a picture of you in your warm outfit.

  5. I will be home in my jammies all snuggled under a throw. Happy New Year Mary!

  6. Hi Mary :) Well, to answer your question...PAJAMAS!!! Lol..Alex and I stay home most of the time and live in our pj's! We'll be having a nice meal, some bubbly and trying our best to keep our eyes open to midnight lol! Every year it's the same. I love those tweed skirts though, very nice and they look warm too. I hope you both have a fun night! :)

  7. I never go anywhere fancy for New Year's Eve (not that I'd even want to!) - and I usually stay home! So my fashion choice will be yoga pants. ;-)

  8. We've not yet decided whether my sister or my parents will host our small family gathering for New Year's Eve, with my sister's best friend, O.K. and myself there. But I already know I want to wear my teal silk shirt and the very beautiful pair of earrings O.K. gave me for Christmas.
    The change to listen to various types of live music is great, I love such events!

  9. Probably my pjs! haha. I have no plans for New Years Eve! I actually try to stay in on that evening.

  10. If all goes well, I’ll be alone wearing a cozy, flannel nightie and my new fleece bathrobe. You have a fun evening!

  11. I love the Zara coats and anything velvet. I will probably be wearing my PJs since we're staying home and watching a movie. Happy New Year!

  12. We'll be cozied up in front of the fire, most likely attired in fleece. Have fun painting the town, red, Mary. Happy New Year! Hugs, Nancy


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