Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Boxing Day 2017. . . . . . .

I have little of serious interest to share on this Boxing Day - but it's
 still my favorite day of the year. . . . . . . . .because I only do what
 I want to do. It's like my annual day off!

Needless to say, I'm not into giving out traditional gift 'boxes' on this special
 day to the servants. This is no Downton Abbey. . . . . . .however love this box
 idea. Bakery boxes used to store freezer-bound pastries. If I can ever stop
 making and bagging gallons of soup for the freezer, and have some extra
 space, I will remember this idea.

 Today, a very cold early morning, I filled my bird feeders and melted the
 water in the birdbaths - but have yet to see cockatoos arrive!

Yesterday I watched The Queen's Speech - she looked lovely
as always - I realized this is the 64th time I've listened to her 
speaking from her desk at Buckingham Palace on Christmas Day.
 Always made to sit quietly after Christmas dinner and listen/later
 watch, The Queen.
Years fly by too fast!

Now I look forward to Season 2 of Victoria on US television
 screens, coming soon.
Above is my lovely ring showing the young Queen Victoria - given
 to my late mother by Sir Winston Churchill's daughter during WW2
 when they were friends in the Royal Air Force.

Speaking of which, have you seen the new Churchill movie,
The Darkest Hour? We plan to go this week, I can hardly wait.

. . . . . . and this! 
Well we all have black pants - I have a wardrobe full - even if not
 glitzy like these.
But the blouse, how beautiful is that for the holidays. . . . . . 

. . . . . . or even moreso, for me personally, this gorgeous red velvet 
jacket, love jackets so much.

So this is a smidgen of the somewhat mediocre hodgepodge - or perhaps
 a cheery glass of sherry talking - of what's on my mind today.

Hope you are enjoying Boxing Day too.

Fashions from ZARA


  1. We are wallowing in the Boxing Day sales. These continue past Boxing Day of course; retailers are eager for business.
    Am really enjoying the Victoria series. Bought the DVDs so I can binge-watch at any time.
    Enjoy those days off duty.
    (Note to self: Concentrate on improving sentence construction.)

  2. Happy Boxing Day. I think it is great you take a day just for you! Come by my blog to hear about my bird feeder and what happened!! xo

  3. A perfect Boxing Day post. There's little on my mind today, too, and I've done just what I please. It's been relaxing and delightful. Love the crimson blouse with the glitzy black pants.
    Happy Christmas week.

  4. Happy Boxing Day! I need very little reason to take a day for myself!!! After the craziness of Christmas, I'm ready for a long winter's nap!

    You have a beautiful treasure from your mother-it's a lovely ring.

    Jane xx

  5. The velvet jacket looks wonderful, although we can't really see its cut in the picture.
    I spent Boxing Day at O.K.'s. He and his Dad play in the village band, and as every year on that day, they played in church, to accompany our singing of Christmas carols and hymns. It was a mass aimed at families, and I enjoyed it a lot. After that, O.K.'s sister and her husband hosted a family dinner with all the trimmings - delicious, cosy, funny with lots of laughter round the table.
    At 8:00 pm, O.K. took me to the train station, and just after 10:30 pm, I was home - alone for the next few days, as O.K. has to work. He'll join me for New Year's Eve, and then we have a whole week off together.

  6. Sounds wonderful Mary. I've yet to open the champagne we meant to have on Christmas Eve.

  7. Love the tradition of Boxing Day. Looking forward to watching Victoria. Right now on Netflix I have been watching the Crown and Reign. Oh so much interesting British history, I love watching it.

  8. I had never understood what Boxing Day meant, and now I know! Oh, I loved Victoria too...can't wait to see season 2. And I am looking forward to the movie The Darkest Hour. That ring of your mother's is a real treasure!!! What a wonderful keepsake to have! Have a wonderful rest of 2017!


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