Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Time out for a southern breakfast. . . . . . . . .

Do you bake biscuits from scratch?  Living in the south one gobbles one's way
 through an inordinate amount of buttermilk biscuits, usually in fast food restaurants, 
diners, 'country kitchen' style mom & pop restaurants.  At home, in the rush of
 everyday living, all of us at some time or other has probably popped open a tube
 of rubbery, tasteless biscuits from the supermarket to throw in the oven and which,
 once cooled, are not very exciting. . . . . . but make good crumbs for the garden birds!

In New Orleans last month I tasted the best biscuit EVER!  It was at the Ruby Slipper
 Cafe, a short walk from the hotel, and a bit of a wait to get seated. . . . . . but really
 worth waiting for. I ordered eggs and grits along with a biscuit. All was tasty, hot, good,
 BUT it was the biscuit which had me swooning. Piping hot, crisp and lightly crunchy on
 the outside, fluffy but with a bite and fresh bread flavor inside. . . . . . . .definitely the
 perfect biscuit.

Since coming home I've tried several 'from scratch' recipes and have made my
 decision as to my favorite. . . . . . .and therefore am spending far too much time 
baking and eating biscuits!  This is the 'classic biscuit' from Country Living (US version
 othe magazine), published some years back I think. It has been tucked away in my
 folder of torn from magazine recipes. There seem to be plenty of similar recipes
 online. If you would like the recipe I'll share after the Christmas rush. . . . . . . right
 now I'm off to have one for breakfast!

Still tweaking the Christmas decorations. . . . . . . . and now planning some
 holiday baking. Any biscuits this week will be from the freezer, which these
 handle really well, so I plan to always have some stashed away!


  1. That little fox figure looking at the fox plate... it makes my heart beat faster, I love foxes so much!
    Biscuits for me are sweet; yours look more like something I'd call a savoury scone. The description and pictures are mouth-watering!

    1. Yes, know what you mean Meike - we Europeans are familiar with your biscuits being sweet - known here in the US as cookies. Took me awhile getting used to a nice tea-dunking sweet treat being called 'cookie'.
      These breakfast biscuits are lighter than a typical scone and are plain - no fruit added - and usually served as an option to toast or an English muffin for breakfast. I've learned the secrets to good ones - full fat buttermilk (no low-fat!), sifting the flour twice, and brushing generously with melted butter prior to popping into a hot oven!
      You would enjoy I'm sure.
      Christmas blessings to you and your family and friends - will look forward to your always interesting posts in the New Year.
      Mary x

  2. I do, but not that often anymore since they are only for me :) But I confess to making instant grits :)

  3. I discovered the wonders of buttermilk several years ago for making the best biscuits ever! I'm glad to read that they freeze well. The skies are dripping down today with heavy rain mixed with snow. A good day to stay at home and bake. But alas, students await. I'll be stopping by the store for some buttermilk on my way home. Buttermilk biscuits sound like a great idea for a breakfast over Christmas.
    Enjoy tweaking your gorgeous decorations and baking cookies!

  4. Sometimes I make myself some good old comfort food for breakfast ... Grits and fried eggs :)

  5. Grits and eggs is as Southern as I get on a winter morning .. Most mornings it is croissants and coffee :)
    I love homemade biscuits .. Mine are ok but not like my grandmother made lol ... is anything as good as the way Grandma made it ?

  6. I love a good biscuit, but have never come in for a landing on an absolute favorite. That’s some good research right there!

  7. I have never made a biscuit! I do love biscuits and gravy. I would love your recipe when you have time to share.

  8. Yum! I tried to make biscuits once and failed! I've had them in restaurants before with lots of butter, yours look delicious!

  9. my granny made the best biscuits--my mom was a close 2nd--I do ok--but just can't get them the way Granny did!!
    and I love biscuits--so will be waiting for your recipe after the holidays--are they over yet???
    enjoy the moments, di

  10. South breakfasts are the best esp if you had sausage gravy with those biscuits! Thanks for stopping over at the blog.

  11. Making the perfect biscuit is an art. It's not an easy task and I went through several recipes before finding just the right one. Yours look scrumptious!

  12. I love good fluffy biscuits! And I have never been able to make a decent one. My Grandmother's biscuits were amazing!

  13. Dear Mary, Please bring the recipe when you come for a visit. Your biscuits look absolutely mouth watering.

  14. Those biscuits look oh so good and flaky. My goodness, if I started experimenting baking biscuits I would gain about 20 pounds. My biscuit baker is Jim and he uses Bisquick; so not too enticed. Oh maybe one.

  15. I've never made Biscuits but yours look utterly divine. Stop it, Mary, my mouth is watering! Yummm! I must look for the recipe here later and commit to make it. The only thing is with high altitude things can change somewhat.


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