Saturday, December 9, 2017

The season of light. . . . . . . . .

As mentioned previously, the cottage had a face lift this autumn.
We addressed the needed wood repairs and re-painting with a total
 re-siding with HardiePlank - and are thrilled with the fresh look.
Of course the shrubs had to be cut down and it will be a while before
 they fill in again around the foundation - another spring/summer
 without the beautiful blue hydrangeas perhaps.
Leaves, from mostly oaks, continue to fall. We've raked tons and have
 tons more to come down over the coming weeks.

The pots contain spring blooming tulip bulbs topped with pansies - those hardy
lovelies which over-winter so well.
This photo is just at dusk so you can see the Christmas decor a little better. . . . . . 
once darkness takes over the flood lights we have installed on the grass are
 rather bright for good photos.

The restoration of the back deck and gazebo was, as I've moaned and
 groaned about a lot lately, a job which was not expected to last so long!
All the cedar was replaced around the gazebo and deck base, the three  
sets of steps were re-built, a couple of deck posts replaced, everything
washed, sanded back to raw wood, then re-stained - he even sanded all
 the edges of the cedar roof shakes so they would look smooth again.
A thorough job by a very good carpenter.
It's now completed, and just in time as much colder weather has arrived,
 including some rain which turned to a light snow today - but nothing
stuck and tomorrow the sunshine should return.

The Christmas tree is up and decorated. . . . . . all looks really bright
 and cheery for the holidays.

I missed my cottage Christmas last year when we traveled to Europe. . . . . . so this
 year I'm enjoying having time to do all the traditional things which make Christmas
 at home so special.


  1. I love the view of your gazebo and tree from the pretty! I know it feels good to check those repairs off the list. We did a great deal of that the past summer as well.

    I hope you continue to have mild, slow days, drinking in the season!

    Jane x

  2. How beautiful the cottage looks all dressed up for Christmas, love the tree inside the gazebo such a wonderful sight!

  3. Wonderful, Mary! I still haven't put up my Christmas decoration but have planned to do so later today. For now, it's breakfast with two candles lit on my Advent wreath.
    Floodlights on the grass?

  4. Your cottage does look lovely, especially with the added Christmas sparkle. What an unexpected treat to see the Tree in the gazebo, just perfect.

  5. Mary, it all looks so gorgeous. Your home must bring people to a stop as they walk by. I love the gazebo all decked out for the holidays; including your collection of crockery.

  6. Really lovely photos and magical. Warm greetings to you!

  7. Dear Mary, It was all worth it, the dust, the noise, the workers who didn't show up. etc., etc.
    There is beauty everywhere and I am so happy for you that you will enjoy this Christmas at home.

  8. Replies
    1. So, so pleased to see you here Donna - have been concerned and missed you a lot!
      Hope you will be posting again soon.
      Hugs - Mary

  9. The new siding looks wonderful as does you deck and gazebo. I know it was hard to deal with it, but so worth it in the end! I love seeing your tree in the gazebo.

  10. Everything is so lovely! Perhaps it was worth the wait. There’s no place like HOME for the holidays...

  11. Your house is so pretty...inside and out. I love how you have a Christmas tree in the gazebo. Such a lovely touch.

  12. It is quite wonderful. I love seeing your gazebo especially that last picture where we can see how it relates back to your house. And then there is even a little peek in the window too. I bet your neighbors enjoy your lights.

    1. . . . . . . and there's Bob in the window if you look closely, haha!

  13. Beautiful...I love the tree in the

  14. Utterly gorgeous and dreamy, Mary! Seriously! That third photo looks like something out of one of those lovely home magazines. So glad you got that all fixed up and both you and the rest of us get to enjoy it through this season with you there this year. Sooo lovely.

  15. Yes, and as Marilyn noted, love seeing Bob there working away in the kitchen. I'm only imagining what kind of sumptuous savoury delights are emanating from the oven and stove top.


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