Thursday, December 21, 2017

Staying busy with needles and glitter. . . . . . . . .

Above are two new Christmas items. . . . . . . . the wonderful reindeer plate
 from Pier I (I also grabbed one with an Arctic fox - both on sale!), and my 
vintage version of the Christmas tree made from old music sheets - I'm
 making a second, slightly taller one, today. That will finish my
 decorations around the cottage other than putting the fresh greenery
 on the mantel tomorrow.
I did a little more knitting in the evenings - this sparkly red scarf for the golden reindeer. . . . . 
. . . . . and Fiona did get a new chunky red muffler which brightens her corner 
by the hearth.

When making a quick run to Jo-Ann's Fabric & Crafts to pick up the glitter for
 the paper tree, I found this fabulous reindeer pillow on the sale shelf. Marked
 down from $29.99 to just $8.99, I  couldn't resist, especially as it has the male
 red cardinal (North Carolina's state bird) on its back.
Notice the orange-red candle which is already half-way burned down.
This is Yankee Candle's Sicilian Orange from its World Journeys range and
 apparently is no longer available - discontinued according to our local store.
  I've searched everywhere, a few are available on e-Bay so I may purchase
 from there. It has the most amazing perfume and is the perfect color for 
my room. It brings back memories of my visit to Sicily this year where
street vendors offered blood oranges and lemons from their colorful
stands - the citrus fragrance was fabulous.
How are your Christmas preparations going?  
Yesterday I baked - today I'm cleaning house.
Our weather was wet and dreary yesterday, today the sun
 is shining brightly and the temperatures will hit the mid-50's.
No sign of a white Christmas around here.

Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas


  1. Very wet day today, too; it was foggy and grey all morning and started to rain in the afternoon, and now it is just dark and wet out there, not very attractive for our planned last visit to the Christmas Market this season!
    Your deco looks as lovely as everything you show us from around your cottage, but there is one little thing I'd like to mention: Your "reindeer" are stags and does, really... Reindeer look rather different (shorter necks, different shape of body and head, and different antlers, too). Click here for a good example :-)

    1. Yes, you're right Meike! I just have this dear 'deer thing' going on - deer in the back garden - I see their hoof marks every morning and know they are eating my bird food during the night. I guess anything on four legs with antlers around Christmastime is thought of as a reindeer! Santa can always pick up extra deer around here - we'll just pretend they are reindeer, haha!
      Thanks for visiting - take care traveling. Merry Christmas.
      Mary x

  2. I do love the very 'dear' deer vibe you have going on Mary! The scarf you knitted is so, so sweet, I love the glittery yarn. I adore your music sheet Christmas tree. I have two full books of sheet music and would love to know the basics for making the tree, if you have the time to share.

    Your days sound lovely and full. I'm moving along, getting as much done as I can, and making a real effort to enjoy each and every moment. My card will be arriving a little late-it went out today. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog post. :)

    Sending love and best wishes for a very Merry Christmas to you and B!!

    Jane x

  3. I love simple paper craft projects and your sheet music trees are dear. I have a big stack of my mother's piano music from long ago and would like to replicate your tree. I can see a thin dowel in the tree with the pot ... probably used with some floral foam inside. Correct? Did you make the stand for the one not-in-a-pot? i.e. a block of wood with a dowel glued in? Or is it a metal rod of some sort? Just trying to figure out how to work it so the papers don't all slide down. The paper edges look as though they were torn by hand, or ......... cut with some type of decorate scissors. Thanks so much for your help!

  4. Hi Mary :)) I LOVE the scarves!!! How festive!! I still am wishing you a white Christmas! We certainly have snow to spare this year! Today is a relaxing day for me, catching up on blogs and maybe a little cookie baking! :)

  5. Everything looks so magical, dear Mary. I love it! Your music sheet tree is truly novel, looking lovely there. I'm looking forward to seeing the larger version too.

    BTW, I loved that Yankee Candle too! Good luck there.

    Our Christmas prep is all done. In fact, we've already celebrated with my daughter and babies and youngest son with GF, and even called my eldest son in Botswana, AND had snow on the day we did our xmas dinner so all round, a very good turn in. (BTW, if you are on FB, which I am not...other than my art should/could follow Alexandra there. That would be fun.)

    The house is cleaned (although it rarely gets that messy) and we are basically ready to leave tomo noon for Denver Intl airport and our flight back east adn south to Nashville on our way to KY! I honestly am somewhat dreading being stuck in a place for a week but at least I will meet some other memebers of Alex's family, other than her homeless brother who stayed with us a few years back and is the only person I've met thus far. It will be so interesting.

  6. How wonderful your Christmas looks. I just love, love it all. That pillow is so wonderful, I wouldn't be able to resist either. Not much here, but to just enjoy. Today tea with my sister and tonight a concert with Jim. French Onion soup is the agenda for tomorrow. Then a bit of preparations for Christmas day. Happy, happy Christmas.

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