Friday, December 1, 2017

Sand in my flip flops. . . . . . . . . . .

As always, Bob and I really enjoyed our little break at the beach.
This year we thought the weather might disappoint, however the meteorologists
 were wrong - doesn't that seem to happen a lot!  It was just about perfect. 
Sunny days made it into the 60's with barely a wind, skies were mostly clear and 
'Carolina blue', and the water was quite warm allowing the little kids and surfers
 to enjoy the waves. . . . . . . . .even the sand felt warm when I kicked off my flip flops.
We enjoyed the usual Christmas tree and board walk lighting festivities, chatted 
with old 'beach friends' at our favorite coffee shop, sat on the balcony with an
 evening glass of wine watching the pelicans and gulls follow the shrimp 
boats home before sunset, and took leisurely beach walks in the fresh air. . . . . 
. . . . . . . . . .and, as always, I blew a kiss and sent it across the Atlantic to family
 and friends on the opposite shore! 

Time now for other things - namely Christmas preparations!
 I've yet to start outdoor decorating - outside work is still slowly coming
 along as the back deck and gazebo are renovated and refinished - he's
 doing a nice job but it's taking so long!
Inside, all I've done is move the Christmas storage boxes from the attic 
into the office. . . . . . and it's a horrible mess!
This morning's stiff breeze is bringing down the leaves non-stop - 
somehow we need to get out there and rake, blow, and move
them. It's mild and sunny so off I go, then perhaps I can start 
on my Christmas decorating.

I'm way behind on comments, forgive me and I will do my best 
to stop by soon and catch up.


  1. Some delightful and clever images here Mary - I particularly like the shilouettes of the man with his dog and the man on his bike presumably created by the winter sun sitting differently in the sky.

  2. It looks like you had wonderful weather for your beach time. Enjoy your decorating!

  3. I love that swing seat - can easily imagine sitting there with my love, enjoying the view, the air, the light and each other's company.
    Very pleased for you that the weekend was so perfect, weather and all!

  4. What beautiful beach photos! I would love nothing better than to be walking barefoot on a beach come January and February here.

  5. How good for you to have such wonderful weather while away. I get the sense that you felt the weight of the world slip off with the waves. Your UK family must have their kiss by now. Happy clean up and happy Christmas decorating.

  6. It looks like a wonderful trip to the beach! I love the ocean at any time of the year!


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