Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Scribble Picnic. . . . . . . . . .Generous

GENEROUS : Adjective | gen·er·ous 
Marked by abundance or ample proportions

GENEROSITY : the quality or fact of being generous • a person of great generosity • 
a generous act

Such busy weeks! 
Here in the US we spent Thanksgiving Day cooking, eating
and enjoying the usual get togethers with family and friends. We then took 
off for our annual beach weekend which was a wonderful break between 
all the hustle and bustle of two close very together major holidays.
Meanwhile, here at the cottage the outdoor renovations continue on the
 deck, gazebo etc. I really don't know which way is up with workmen 
coming and going daily.
 I'm so far behind leaving comments on friends' lovely blogs and apologize
 for this - hoping to catch up soon.
As we plan to stay home this year I need to start Christmas decorating so 
that really must be addressed. . . . . . . a crawl through the attic is imminent
where "Christmas" is stored is imminent!

Michael's theme GENEROUS is perfect for these weeks ahead preparing
 for Christmas . . . . . . . who doesn't feel the need to be generous and share
what we have and others might need.
For me, NATURE is always sharing and her generosity is amazing.

SCRIBBLE PICNIC should share much today, hope you will stop by
and even consider joining in.


  1. Great work...and such a great theme to work with.

  2. Hi Mary :) I LOVE the drawing. And the message about far I've seen a few of us who have the same ideas. Nature is very generous with everything she gives and I am definitely grateful! I'm glad you had a great trip! I have to crawl through the dark cool basement very soon to get out our decorations!! :)

  3. What could be more "generous" that a delicious plate of fresh fruit. Beautiful drawing.

  4. I love your idea of generous. That fruit looks so delicious...

  5. you have done a gorgeous job with the 'generous' fruit offering today! It is beautiful.

  6. good take on the theme. the holidays is a time for generous porportions and giving.

    have a lovely day.

  7. Always wonderful scribbles. What a wonderful word. I almost forgot to visit, but you were on my mind and I said I must stop by and say hello. We have had a plumber here all day for a broken pipe from our kitchen sink into the basement. What a mess, so I can understand about men coming and going around the cottage. Only one day for us (I hope) but it can disturb our routine.

  8. Lovely interpretation of the them and great photo edits.

  9. Beautiful photographs as always Mary. I haven't been that good at commenting recently .... we have had plumbers here for what seems an eternity doing boring things !! Enjoy your Christmas decorating .... a trip to the loft is imminent for us too ! XXXX

    1. Me too Jackie - just can't find much computer time lately with so many renovations going on around here!
      Hope your Holidays are fun - happy decorating!

  10. Nature is getting ample accolades for it's generosity and it is indeed well deserved. This is a very busy time for all of us, so I can commiserate with you for not having time to do all that you want to do. But, alas , it is a fun time as well. A time when we can forget our own troubles while we throw ourselves into the act of giving to others. I hope your holidays are marvelous, Mary ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  11. I really like how you tied nature into this theme of generosity. You couldn't be more right about the abundance of fruits at this time of year. It really makes me think about the nature's generosity for each season. A reminder to be thankful for it all.

  12. Hard to beat the beauty of nature! Generous is something we can all be.

  13. Mary,

    I love how you and Rain both focused on nature's bounty, with your lovely penciled rendition of your original photo. Succulent, beautifully shaped and coloured--generous indeed.

    Your beach weekend probably coincides with our anniversary weekend. It's a nice way to have a reprieve before all the home festivities begin.

    Finally, congratulations on being a great grannie again with the advent of lil Owen! He looks just like Colin but smaller. So glad they are all ok and now the love will only magnify in their lil family.


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