Saturday, November 25, 2017

Outside the window . . . . . . . .

Views from our hotel room.
Looking down onto Carolina Beach.
Gazing out across the Atlantic Ocean.
I so love the coast in Autumn and Winter. . . . . . . 

Having a grand post-Thanksgiving weekend at the shore.


  1. I should be ashamed of myself .. I love the ocean, the sounds and smell of the seashore and I live close to the beaches .. I have not been there since I moved to Florida .. shame on me.
    Thank you for the inspiration :)

  2. What a gorgeous place for a little getaway!

  3. Have a beautiful Sunday there on the beach, Mary!

  4. That looks lovely Mary - sunshine and sea are always invigorating especially at this time of year. We usually like to get away to the sea arround this time of year to escape the hullabaloo that surrounds preparations for Christmas.

  5. Very beautiful. It reminds me of the year I lived on Prince Edward Island. Very nice beaches there...but that Atlantic wind was relentless, I never got used to it!

  6. How we Brits love to be beside the sea, comes from being an Island race I suppose. Beautiful photos, Mary, I hope the weather stays fine.


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