Monday, November 27, 2017

Carolina sunrise. . . . . . . . . . .

With two mornings to awake to scenery such as the sunrise brings, 
I was up to greet the sun from the balcony ten floors above the 
quiet beach. 

Pelicans were already flying in their usual long lines across the pewter sea.
Shore birds were waiting on the beach, seeming to know exactly
 where to stand in the pathway of the golden rays.
Waves rolled in and then foamed onto the sand making really
beautiful designs in colors of molten gold, bronze and steel.

There is nothing quite as inspiring as drawing back the curtains, 
looking due east, and meeting the new day as the sun
 rises on the horizon at the ocean.

Enjoy each day - and these busy weeks ahead as we prepare for Christmas!


  1. Stunning pictures Mary! My bedroom windows face the east. We don't have any window treatments yet, so I have been waking every morning to a beautiful sunrise.

  2. Gorgeous sunrise and I enjoyed your words as much as the scenery.

  3. Glorious! If I didn't know you were on the East coast, I would have thought it's pictures of sunset, which I equally love.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, Mary! We used to stay on the Gulf some and that way to start the day, with the breezes and sounds of the surf and gulls, and the amazing views...there's nothing like it!

  5. Truly gorgeous photos. Beauty surrounds us and I am thankful that there are people, like you, who take the trouble to capture it.


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