Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Scribble Picnic. . . . . . .TOY

box of traditional, 
wooden alphabet blocks. 
 The most fun learning toy ever!

Michael challenged us with the theme TOY for SCRIBBLE PICNIC today.
The word invokes fond memories of beloved favorites of many years ago. 
 Mine were the blocks, a stuffed monkey named 'Chimpy', and of course my dollies
 whom I loved to sew clothes for with the help of my dressmaker mother.

Come 'picnic' with us today to see what our group has come up with, perhaps
 you'll see some of your own favorite toys!


  1. Hi Mary :)) Very nice! I remember the alphabet blocks I had as a kid. They were so nicely decorated, wooden too. I don't have too many memories of the toys I had, but I do remember a teddy bear my grandfather gave me. I wish I knew what happened to it! :)

  2. I love your favorite toys, that has me thinking about my favorites from childhood. Have a wonderful day.

  3. As always your scribbles are just so special and wonderful. Love the blocks. It makes me start to wonder what my favorite toy was as a child.

  4. Lovely! A great learning tool indeed, Mary. Kids love to look at the pictures and build with them too...quite versatile.

  5. Wonderful toy blocks Mary, I remember them well!

  6. What a beautiful set of blocks. I do love the old designs on them. Great choice for a toy!

  7. This is exquisite, Mary ... such detail and the blocks are just beautiful art in themselves. You made a great choice for the theme.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  8. Aw, that's a beautiful addition, Mary. I love it. So sweet. And I bet, too, that you made beautiful clothes for those dollies. :) Thank you. Another great post as I would expect from you.

    I'm still so excited at the prospect of meeting you and Bob on your Colo bound travels. In fact, was thinking about it on my way home form work today as I was actually in the office. :)

  9. Blocks are such an open-ended toy--perfect for imaginative play!


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